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Competent and Experienced Writers

The ability of write a quality academic paper is solely reliant on individual competence and the experience. As a result, Essay Point only hires bachelors and masters’ graduates as writer with doctorate graduates serving in the editorial team. Being just the basic requirement, we further expose prospective writers to tests to evaluate their competence in writing academic papers. Here we examine their ability to meet set instructions, custom original papers and present the work in a coherent manner. Subsequently, we get to choose only the competent writer who possess academic writing skills who have the capacity to generate quality and give clients value for their money.

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As always, we remain the most affordable essay writing website with our prices starting from as low as 10$ with additional free services; title page, formatting, citations and referencing and free revisions. Accordingly, don’t hesitate to seek our essay writing service in the event you feel that you may not have sufficient money to hire someone to write an essay for you. We offer research paper writing, homework help, essay writing help, and dissertation help at relatively affordable cost. Important to note is that we don’t compromise on quality to ensure affordability. In particular students have the assurance of quality and original delivery whenever they seek our help in writing essays. We have set relatively affordable prices since we have the commitment to help students excel in their academic by offering quality essay writing service at an affordable cost. Thus, we are your optimal solution in case you are seeking essay writing service at an affordable price.


This is a fundamental guarantee to all our clients. Learning institutions are extremely strict to ensure that students submit authentic work and showcase their ability to apply their critical thinking. In compliance with this demand, we only submit custom papers made from scratch with keen adherence to set instructions. To further ensure that originality in assigned orders, we have an editorial team in place who review every single complete work to ensure it is original before submission. Additionally, we only hire competent writers who possess the capacity to write original academic work while meeting all the set requirements. Thus, you should be assured of quality and authentic submissions that will tap good grades whenever you place an order with us.

Quality Delivery

Our essay writing service is exceptional since it seeks to cultivate good grades for the students who have entrusted us with their academic work. Accordingly, we commit our time and efforts to ensure the generation of quality work. At first, we have competent writers in place who have the necessary skills to oversee the submission of quality work. Secondly, we have an editorial team who have the sole responsibility to confirm the attainment of set instructions and to confirm the originality of each order prior to submission.

Timely Delivery

Student life is characterized by a series of responsibilities including a wide range of assignments that are set for tackling within a short period of time. This calls for extreme efficiency in time allocation which may not be possible in the presence of immense responsibilities. Accordingly, students can outsource help to ensure that all assignments get delivered on time. Our experts are keen to ensure that assigned projects get delivered on time. This extends to urgent orders, and thus students should not worry incase they are staring at very limited timelines. Just place your order lets handle it.

Secure Means of Payment

We have further set adequate measures to ensure that client safety whenever they are making payments in our site. Most significant we only partner with reputable money transfer companies including Mastercard, Visa Card and PayPal to ensure safety and make it easy to make a transfer in our website.

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By visiting our site, you must be looking for competent and skilled writer to handle your essay, research paper, homework or dissertations. Being in the right place to seek this assistance, give us the instructions of your project in the order form.

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Upon inputting your instructions our experts will review them and come up with a convenient price for your paper. You can pay either with a Bank Card (Debit Card, Matercard or Visa Card) or PayPal. Upon making a payment you will receive a notification email.

Step 3: Receive Your Complete Paper

Upon making the payment your order will be assigned to one of our competent writers subject to his or her expertise to handle the particular task. In line with the competent nature of our writers you order will be complete before the deadline and you will be notified upon submission.

Step 4: Give us a Feedback on the Service Rendered

Once you receive the final submission, do review it and give us feedback. In the event that the project is perfectly done give us a rating and in the event that there is need for improvement do request for a revision through our customer care team.

Quality Guarantee

Our essay writing service is exceptional since it seeks to cultivate good grades for the students who have entrusted us with their academic work. Accordingly, we commit our time and efforts to ensure the generation of quality work. At first, we have competent writers in place who have the necessary skills to oversee the submission of quality work. Secondly, we have an editorial team who have the sole responsibility to confirm the attainment of set instructions and to confirm the originality of each order prior to submission. Evidently, our company has client satisfaction as the core goal and inline we have adequate measures in place to oversee the attainment of this goal. This makes us the most competent essay writing platform. Place an order with us to testify our competence.

Best Essay Writing Service

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Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative Essay Topics are common in most essays assignments in high institutions. This is because they entail gathering data on a given controversial topic to convince the readers to agree with your point of view. Moreover, argumentative essays call for extensive research to give supportive evidence of both takes on the thesis statement and finally conclude with why the student supports one opinion over the other. Ultimately, the key challenge to students is to come up with an appropriate topic for their essay. This article gives examples of argumentative essay topics, go through to gain from our research. Also, you may want to check out the following articles previously written by our team of professionals at essaypoint.

Types of Essays

Narrative Essay Topics

Descriptive Essay Topics

Reach out to essaypoint for any academic assistance. Notably, after the topics are some important tips on having a perfect argumentative essay topics and structure which will be of great help to you.

Argumentative essay Topics on Leadership and Governance

Leadership is a crucial aspect in our everyday life. For example, most conversations that come up in public places are about leadership. Often, you will find yourself contributing and that begins the conversations probably with people you did not know earlier. Therefore, students may opt to write an argumentative essay on leadership and governance on many topics which include

  • Should students elect school leaders or let the administration appoint those they deem to have leadership skills
  • Democrats or Republicans which political team has best ideologies
  • Should the leaders we elect deliver on their own interests or those of the ruling party?
  • Should United States of America adopt more major political party system?
  • Is Electoral College effective in United State of America’s election system?
  • Should Automatic Voter Registration be adopted in country ABC?
  • Should citizens vote to elect judges to the highest court or vetting by a committee is effective?
  • Is Universal Basic Income helpful?
  • Should there be a term limit for congressmen?
  • Should individual gun ownership be illegal?
  • Is the government to blame for the increasing rate of obesity?
  • Should public smoking be illegal?
  • Should voting be an adjustment on voting age to 16 in United States of America?
  • Is campaign finance reform effective?
  • Lastly, Should federal minimum wage be increased?

Argumentative Essay topics on Education

Education is a major sector in essay writing since, some information may be put into consideration when making reforms for better policies. Further, students may point out issues that other stakeholders in the education sector may not be aware of. Notably, each student experiences different and unique circumstances in their academics, which result to varying opinions. Thus, the following are relevant argumentative essay topics that students can choose from

  • Should institutions of learning pay students athletes?
  • Are school uniforms necessary?
  • Should schools limit the use of electronic gadgets and access to internet?
  • Do private schools offer better education that public schools?
  • Single sex or Mixed Schools, does the choice affect students’ performance?
  • Homework or no homework?
  • Do sports compromise academic performance for teenagers?
  • Are teachers to blame for students’ poor performance?
  • Should students in High School have an option to choose courses?
  • Should learning a foreign language be made mandatory in early stages of learning?
  • Are standardized test a measure of intelligence?
  • Should students have access to computers and internet to research in exams?
  • Is in- person learning, effective than virtual learning?
  • Should learners grade their teachers?
  • Lastly, is there need to reinstate corporal punishment in schools?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Ethics

Sometimes, acceptable code of conduct vary from one community to the other. What is right in one community may be offensive in another thus resulting to different opinions on matters ethics. Below are example topics for a good argumentative essay on ethics

  • Should murder and sexual assault be punishable by death?
  • Is it right to torture a suspect to get information?
  • Should parents impose curfew for their teenage children?
  • Should law prohibit involving kids in marketing and acting at an early age?
  • Is violent behavior a result of violent video games?
  • Should celebrities be held responsible for failure to uphold high moral standards?
  • Does affirmative action contribute to change and better policies?
  • Should the government limit number of children an individual can sire?
  • Is lockdown during a pandemic like Covid 19 effective or counterproductive?
  • Does high level education instil morality on an individual?
  • Is genetic engineering humans ethical?
  • Should an offender of capital crimes be given the option to choose between death and life sentence?
  • Should violent movies and games be made illegal?
  • Do documentaries on robbery contribute to future robbery cases?
  • Does feminism achieve gender equality or disadvantages men?
  • Lastly, should the clergy and psychologists offer detectives confessions made to them?

Social Relations and Culture Argumentative essay topics

Cultural diversity and difference in societal beliefs contribute to the unique personalities of all individuals. Thus, students come up with interesting essays on society and culture as they argue of issue from varying perspectives.

  • Is it right for a random adult to punish a child when they are doing wrong or should they just wait to inform their guardian?
  • Should parents force children to attend schools they do not want to?
  • Should adults read children’s’ diaries without their consent?
  • Is it right for adults to force children to interact with them? When guests come, should your parents force you out of your room to greet them?
  • At what age should children own electronic gadgets and access to internet?
  • In case of divorce, should children decide on either parents’ side to go by themselves?
  • Is it okay for children to choose their own dress codes which may be contrary to their parents’ choice for them?
  • Is stoning a wanted thief who has proven record of criminal activities just?
  • Should parents choose spouses for their children?
  • Is it right for children to choose a different religion from their parents or denomination?
  • Should cultural attires be acceptable in formal occasions in addition to the normal designer made well-fitting official wear?
  • Should society allow women to choose their dress code or condemn short and revealing outfits?
  • Are organizations just whenever they have specifications based on physical appearance for their job requirements? Example; must be short, light-skinned with long nose and blue eyes.
  • Should both genders be allowed to officially get married to multiple spouses?
  • Lastly, should circumcision be mandatory?

Argumentative Essay Topics in Law

Law is the basis of order, peace and harmony in every institution and nation. In the absence of law, then it would be chaotic to coexist. Notably, we have experts in the field of law at essaypoint who will deliver you perfect unique projects. However, setting the laws, sometimes attracts a lot of dissatisfaction resulting to many argumentative essay topics including the following,

  • Should judges regard judicial precedence or make decisions according to their own view of the current case?
  • Should nuclear weapons be illegal?
  • Does illegalizing drugs contribute more to their sale in black market?
  • Is it just to sentence juveniles to life imprisonment?
  • Is hate speech fueled by freedom of speech? Should the freedom of speech be limited owing to increased utterances of hate speech?
  • Should having visible tattoos be illegal at work?
  • Does justice in United State of America favor the rich and elite in the society?
  • Does House of Lords having veto powers on the House of Commons undermine the latter?
  • Should prostitution be legal owing to the fact that it is optional?
  • Does exposing girls to birth control early prevent teenage pregnancies?
  • Should unpaid internships be a form of human exploitation?
  • Should parents who adopt a child be given maternal and paternal leave?
  • Do internet censorship laws need to be further amendment or reinforcement more?
  • Should parents force children into extra curriculum activities against the child’s will as long as the parent thinks the kid should participate?
  • Lastly, should the government pay police officer the reward put up for capturing a wanted criminal?

Argumentative Essay Topics relating to Health

Improving healthcare system and services is the backbone of a productive economy. Therefore, having argumentative essays on health matters will help discover new knowledge. Also, our experts at essaypoint have good knowledge in health and will deliver you well informed essays. Accordingly we assure students high scores in their projects since our writers have the expertise to conducts proper research. Among the most competent argumentative essay topics on health include

  • Are medical examinations done on animals accurate to determine reaction on human beings?
  • Should buying over the counter drugs be made illegal?
  • Should covid 19 vaccine be mandatory or optional?
  • Are health insurance policies beneficial to the average and law income earners?
  • Should the state allow access to family planning by teenagers?
  • Are there harmful menstrual products?
  • Is it effective or counterproductive to teach children below the age of 10 about reproductive health in present day?
  • Should the state adopt laws to limit sale of fast foods or individuals should take personal responsibility on their health?
  • Is technology to blame for high cases of cancer globally?
  • Does vegetarian diet contribute to longer lifespan?
  • Does being homosexual result to any health effect in future?
  • Are the most fatal illnesses given less attention by the state?
  • Should cosmetic surgeries be insured?
  • Should pregnant and lactating mothers be jailed for consuming illegal drugs and alcohol?
  • Lastly, Does euthanasia contradict the right to live? Should be illegal?

Economics Related Argumentative Essay Topics

Regardless of your discipline of study, eventually every student needs to acquire economic skills. This is so because one need to transfer wealth by production and consumption. Subsequently, economics is the science of money. Particularly, economics has influence on key projects which include infrastructure, health, government policies formulation, transport and communication, taxation and individual prosperity. Furthermore, a good leader is rated on the economic value added. Below are well thought out economic argumentative essay topics

  • Is socialism economically beneficial than capitalism?
  • Does protectionism policies aid growth of local industries?
  • Does free- trade policy contribute to growth of an economy?
  • Has Customs Union fostered regional economic growth?
  • Do you consider the current tax system of America fair?
  • Are CEO’s overpaid?
  • Is crypto currency a popular fad?
  • Is advertising in social media through influencers effective than television and print media methods?
  • Do labor unions have inauspicious effects?
  • Does growing up in cities and urban areas enable individuals to be economically intelligent in comparison to rural areas?
  • Does paying employees above the market price guarantee productivity?
  • Is working from home equitable to working from the office? Do you find it difficult to work from home? Are employers getting better results from employees working from home in comparison to working from the office?
  • Should paternity leave be mandatory for all companies? Do fathers necessarily require leave to parent their new born?
  • Should the government impose a wage cap for celebrities, artists, sportspersons and content creators?
  • Is it wise for an economy to focus more on export goods and services?
  • Betting has more negative effects on an economy than positive?

Should you get stuck in your essay writing, reach out to our experts at essay point for quality projects.

Psychology Argumentative Essay Topics

Psychology enables people understand human behavior thus, solve every day problems. Therefore, it is important to look at some argumentative essay topics that will help students attain high scores in their academics, in addition to understanding the discipline psychology better.

  • Is it possible to prevent cyber bullying?
  • Does Google make students smarter?
  • Do standard tests have positive effects on brains?
  • Is homosexuality a psychological or biological condition?
  • Should children be given cognition enhancing medicines?
  • Should children below the age of ten be taught sex education? Is it healthy or it corrupts their minds?
  • Is there training that parents should undergo before having children in present day?
  • Does shopping while hungry necessarily result to overspending? Can people control their tendency to spend while hungry?
  • Is it healthy for children to just have social media friends and none they interact with in person? Do internet friendships equal psychical friendships?
  • Does secure, health and happy childhood guarantee a mentally healthy person growing up?
  • Do behavioral tendency pass through generations or are individuals to blame for their behavior?
  • Does instilling fear in a child prevent them from making mistakes? If I threaten to cut my child’s arm when they steal, is that an effective tool to prevent them from stealing?
  • Does increasing the penalty for crime offenders reduce crime rate? Should life in prisons be made harder than it is and jail terms made longer to keep people from committing crimes?
  • Do Religious beliefs ensure good behavior?
  • Does happiness contribute to positive emotions or positive emotions contribute to happiness?

Argumentative Essay topics on Technology

Technology is rapidly taking place in all sectors in modern day. Moreover, having an argumentative essay topic on technology, will enable students showcase the technological advancements highlighting the gains and losses as well as compare with ancient days performing of similar tasks. Thus, the following sample topics will help students come up with an excellent argumentative essay

  • Is technology fostering or destroying social interactions?
  • Is online dating better than physical dating?
  • Has technology led to or hindered creativity among young people?
  • Are we about to get to the climax of technological innovation? Will there come a time where no more innovations can be made?
  • Are people depending too much on computers that they use their brains less in modern day?
  • Does social media encourage hard work as people try to keep up with the trends and standards?
  • Will the implementation of artificial intelligence result to human extinction?
  • Will people willingly withdraw from use of social media in future?
  • Is there a possibility for electronic money to fully substitute paper money?
  • Is technology making people too idle?
  • Do spy application invade privacy?
  • Is it just to consider candidates’ social media profiles when hiring?
  • Is online education better than traditional education?
  • Should learning coding be mandatory to children at lower levels?
  • Do you think computers will eventually replace doctors?

Argumentative essay topics on Sports

Certainly, majority of young people enjoy sports. Participating in a sporting activity or just cheering is a healthy way to take a break from academics. Moreover, a good number of young adults and even children can confidently point out to a sport as their career of choice. Therefore, having an essay on sports with not only earn you good grades but also attract a good number of people to reading your essay. We at essaypoint really enjoy sports and would be glad to handle your argumentative essay. Check out the example topics below and reach out to essaypoint for any assistance.

  • Does participating in sports affects students’ academic progress negatively?
  • Are elite athletes overpaid?
  • Should schools increase their spending on sports or are they doing enough?
  • Is stereotyping affecting athletes? Are shorter people discriminated in main team selection in sports like football, basketball, handball, long jump?
  • Are women sports neglected? Should the focus shift to improve women sports?
  • Is dancing a sporting activity?
  • Should athletes earn same as their coach or more?
  • Are video games sports?
  • Should there be matches for both genders where a team is has both men and women?
  • Should students’ athletes earn from participating in the school team?
  • Do cheering fans have any positive contribution in the game or just distract player?
  • Should the law prohibit advertising adults’ products like betting and alcohol on sports events as children are watching?
  • Does society overlook the talent and prowess of female athletes for their beauty?
  • Does religion have impact on sports more so women sports?
  • Are women who participate in sports and win awards considered a threat to men? For instance, do men fear women boxers?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Environment   

It is equally important to discuss environment issues since we all experience the effects of our environment whether positive or negative. Let’s see a couple of argumentative essay topics on environment that students may pick from.

  • Will electric cars fully solve the problems that result from consuming petroleum products in future?
  • Is there a possibility of adopting climate change in future?
  • Adopting renewable energy will eliminate further environmental damage?
  • Is the media adequately representing climate change?
  • Is there an effect of climate change on biodiversity?
  • Are governments ready to treat diseases that are likely to result from climate change?
  • Does climate change affect marine life?
  • Are the general laws in ecology being effected?
  • Is it important to study patterns in ecology?
  • Is political ecology important?
  • Are the recent volcano activities a sign of global warming?
  • Is the United States’ interest in natural gas worsening the Ukraine Crisis?
  • Should botanic gardens be considered the best resource when carrying out research for climate change?
  • Are the shortcomings of wastewater treatment more than the gains?
  • Is United States effectively addressing the high rate of carbon footprint which is on average 16tons per person?

History Argumentative Essay Topics

Basically, studying history is the main tool for learning from past mistakes and gains. In a nutshell, history has had influence on most of the decisions and policies being put in place in present day. Students who enjoy history may pick out on the following topics by essaypoint.

  • Were the effects of the civil war in United State more positive or negative?
  • Was it necessary for American soldiers to participate in the World War I considering many of them, lost their lives?
  • Did the US-Mexican War have any effects on the present world?
  • Was it just for Soviet Union to occupy Eastern Europe after the end of the Second World War?
  • Did the invention of cotton gin have any negative effect on the agriculture of USA?
  • Was it Hindus and Arabs, who invented Arab numerals?
  • Was baths effective rehabilitation for Roman soldiers?
  • Were Egyptian pyramids made by slaves?
  • Were there family traditional changes resulting from Second World War?
  • Did food package develop during World Wars?
  • Were soldiers killed by military actions more than Spanish flu during the World War I?
  • Hitler was not to blame for World War II    
  • Did World War I cause World War II?
  • Did religion contribute to American Revolutionary War?
  • Was Religion War in Europe a result of Protestant Reformation?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Arts and Literature

Art is a common tool in learning as is literature. Notably, creativity is key in having an art and passing a message in literature. Therefore, most students will opt for a topic in the discipline which may include the following

  • Are libraries intentionally regulating age limit to access books with adult content?
  • Are movies about Historical Events accurate enough to be used for official reference?
  • Does acting pose mental risks on the actors or actresses who play certain roles like murder?
  • Are the youths wasting time watching long series?
  • Does pop art influence American Culture?
  • Did science play a role on the Greek sculptures?
  • Does Greek architecture have a relation with Greek art?
  • Is Art therapy effective psychotherapeutic relationship?
  • Does secularism make art popular?
  • Is graffiti art or vandalism?
  • Did Hitler’s lifestyle play a role in art?
  • Do you think art is at times used negatively as propaganda?
  • Did William Blake’s work influence modern art?
  • Did art play a role in Nazi Germany?
  • Are modern art and contemporary art different?

Criminal Justice Argumentative Essay topics

Some students have a passion for criminal justice and in some circumstances the professor may require students to have argumentative essays in the discipline. Nonetheless, the following are appropriate topics for an argumentative essay

  • Is the justice system fair in handling police officers who commit crimes more so regarding public harassment?
  • Is it just for employers to dismiss applicants who have been convicts previously?
  • Many cases of illegal immigrates in developed countries involve laborers from less developed countries. Should the involved states agree on better laws to favor the immigrants?
  • Is the justice system fair in dealing with domestic violence cases against men?
  • Is there limitation for freedom of speech?

Rogerian Argumentative Essay Topics  

The aim of a rogerian argument is to come up with common grounds on both sides of the argument. In that case, the conclusion of the rogerian argumentative essay shows the meeting point of both arguments. At times students may find this type of essay complex however, essaypoint experts are available 24/7 to help you with your tasks.

The following are factors to consider in having a rogerian essay.

  • Establish opposing view
  • With better understanding of the opposing view, establish the similarity with your view
  • Clarify your view
  • Justify your view with evidence
  • Give the varying opinion but be sure to make your argument outweigh the opposing
  • Restate the similarities with evidence
  • Conclude with your opinion and a summary of common grounds

Some of the challenges students experience in having a rogerian argumentative essay include

  • Inability to support the opposing argument
  • Lack of similarity in the arguments
  • Inadequate research to gather enough evidence to support both views

This are some of the reasons that generate the need to seek help at essaypoint to have excellent essays.

Below are examples of Rogerian argumentative essay topics to choose from.

  • Standard exams are unfair in determining a child’s fate in academics?
  • School uniform do not necessary achieve equality in school?
  • Corporal punishment and beating does not instil discipline in children?
  • Does taking children to boarding school enable them focus more on academics in comparison with day school where they have distraction from electronic gadget and less supervision?
  • lastly, is internet censorship 100% effective?

Argumentative Essay topics regarding Social Media

Social Media is in present day taking up much of the time of young people either for entertainment, education or business. Certainly, you are likely to be active in social media either through Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and many other platforms.  In regard to this, having argumentative essay topics on social media will give more information about social media. Below are worthy topics for your essay from essaypoint.

  • Is social media ruining or strengthening personal relationships?
  • Do memes bring jokes on serious matters or are they right for entertainment?
  • Are trends in social media affecting the behavior and financial spending of people in the society?
  • Are pranks, games and challenges for social media views unhealthy?
  • At what age should children have personal social media accounts?
  • Has social media made people more productive than before?
  • Is social media contributing to radicalization?
  • Is the concept of democracy being corrupted by social media? For instance, the political participation through Facebook during Brexit.
  • Lastly, s hiring made easier or complex by social media?

Middle School Argumentative Essay Topics

You could be a middle school student seeking to have an argumentative essay topic or a tutor looking for appropriate topics to give your students as an assignment. Whichever the case, take rest and read through to get ideas on interesting essay topics to write about. In addition, you may reach out for assistance at essaypoint whenever essay project turn out to be challenging. 

  • Should parents still have control of their children past the age of 16?
  • Secondly, are parents to blame for children’s bad eating habit that lead them to obesity?
  • Are phones having more negative effects on children than positive?
  • Should schools focus more on extra curriculum activities as much as education?
  • Is homework unnecessary? Is home time rest time?
  • Should children have the right to choose their hairstyles and dress codes?
  • Should parents take children to the schools of the child’s choice when it contradicts with parents’ choice?
  • Do you think in-person studying is better than online or vice versa or there is no difference?
  • Should movies have age restrictions and disclaimers like most television programs?
  • Is cyber-bullying worse than in-person bullying?
  • Are schools adopting effective measures to stop bullying?
  • Should school going children vote in national elections?
  • Lastly, in your opinion have schools overcome racism?

High School Argumentative Essay Topics

Notably, high school students often get assignments on essay writing. Accordingly, students may opt for any of the following topics for their argumentative essay

  • Has gender equality been attained in the society?
  • Should minimum wage increase with inflation?
  • Should parents force their children to college when they willingly do not want to?
  • Are wind farms the environmental, economic and health solutions?
  • Also students can study "should parents reject medication on behalf of their children?"
  • Is Electoral College necessary and effective in electoral matters?
  • Should authorities prohibit reality shows?
  • Does artificial intelligence have more bad than good?
  • Is it easier to read printed books than E-books?
  • In your thoughts, will exploring space achieve more benefits in future?
  • Lastly, should a professor force students to purchase his/her book or from their own book store?

How to write a High Scoring Argumentative Essay

Ultimately, having an outstanding essay is the goal of every student. However, most students miss on grades due to overlooking some of the following important tips

  • Conduct thorough research to avoid just stating obvious facts. The essence of having an argumentative essay is to convince the reader on an opinion you support which might be contrary to that of the reader. Therefore, it is only by having very conclusive evidence that you can get the reader to agree with you and see your point of view. Although this may sound tiresome to students, it is important for a good essay. Also, students who feel overwhelmed may reach out to essaypoint for assistance.  
  • In selecting an argumentative essay topic, ensure the subject matter is debatable otherwise, there will be no argument to prove. Unlike other types of essay, argumentative essays are defined by the argument in the topic thus, structure your topic in a debatable form. For example, when I have a topic like people died in the World War II, then I can only have other forms of essay under the topic but argumentative as it is fact and not debatable. Therefore, take your time to critically think on a matter that is important and not unanimously agreed on to include in your argumentative essay.
  • Limit the subject matter you want to discuss. Whenever you have several views you have to prove in your argumentative essay, then should select the most competent and use them to support your stance. Remember, an essay is not too long therefore, it is important to adequately talk of one subject stating all matter facts in that one essay. In other words, make your topic short and precise to guide you in your research. 

Additional tips on having a good argumentative essay

  • In as much as argumentative essays touch on subjects of debate, avoid discussing very sensitive topics that will rarely or never change. For example, Should Muslims have sits in the Mosque, Hindus should eat cows and Christmas should not be celebrate. This and many others will be offensive to certain audience and have no impact in the society. Therefore, an essay must have academic or societal relevance.
  • Find unique topics that may not have been discussed before or little has been done on. This will ensure you have different points from the obvious thus, make your essay outstanding. However, ensure you are comfortable to handle the topic of your choice.

With this, we at essaypoint wish you an interesting experience as you embark on your essay writing. Check our other articles and reach out to us for any task we deliver quality well- researched projects and will review your task countless times for your satisfaction. 

Frequently asked Questions about Argumentative Essay Writing

How many parts should the body of an argumentative essay have?

 A good argumentative essay should have 5 parts in the body in addition to Introduction and Conclusion. The body includes the following

  • Claim – This is the thesis statement and gives the main idea of the essay. Further, it gives the reasons for the essay as well as the scope.
  • Reason – Here the students states the view they support from the claim above.
  • Evidence – In addition to the view, students give supporting evidence for their opinion.
  • Counter-claim – Is a brief understanding of the opposing opinion.
  • Rebuttal – Students should further give evidence that supports the counter-claim above.

What are the essential components that must be in every argumentative essay?

Every essay must have an Introduction, Body and Conclusion.  Below are the contents of Introduction and conclusion since, the above question discusses the body.

  • Introduction – First, give an introduction of the topic to the reader. Then, have a clear thesis statement and give your stand on it. Finally, give a brief reason for your choice of the topic and proceed to the body.
  • Conclusion – Summarizes your essay. First, restate the thesis. Second, give a summary of evidence that support your view. Third, address the contrary view with evidence why you opinion outweighs the opposing. Consequently, from the evidence, explain why the readers need to should agree with you. Then, show the impact of the essay in term of actions that need to be done or clarity derived from the essay. Finally, give direction for future research according to your experience.   

Final Thought

In conclusion , having knowledge on how to go about your essay will not only help have a good essay but also enable you to enjoy essay writing exercise. We appreciate your time in reading our article and would really what to interact with you at essaypoint, kindly reach out to us. As a reminder essay point has the commitment to help students who incur challenges in essay writing. Thus, students should seek help from our experts with a relative assurance of quality delivery.



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