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Posted: May 13th, 2022

Article Critique Writing Service

Article Critique Writing Help

Do you need help on article critique writing, worry not since Essay Point encompasses experts who are eager to help with critique writing. All that you need to do is to place an order outlining the instructions pertaining the article critique assignment. In this article we provide an in depth review of article critique writing.

What is an Article Critique?

Article critique entails the review of an academic article; read, research and reflect on the article constituents. Article critique writing may assume a number of approaches including review of the strengths and the weaknesses in support of a particular argument. Critiques assuming this approach often seek to assess students’ familiarity with a particular topic. Secondly, article critique can be set to assess the validity and reliability of particular results from an article. Subsequently, students must review the validity of the sources of particular information. In the presence of a primary research, students should review the methodology of the research assessing its ability to generate reliable results on the topic and population of study. Critiquing the work of other authors call for critical thinking upon which one can access identified factors and make a convincing argument both in support and against the article content.

As per this review, article critique writing must be convincing to sway the reader to acknowledge the view of the article reviewer. This develops upon extensive research and familiarity with the aspect under review. Also, students must read and understand the content within an essay. Accordingly, article review writing is not as simple as many students may perceive it to be. Upon trial students may need to have someone who will help them with the article review exercise. To your relief essaypoint is your most ideal solution owing to our competence in delivering quality assignments. You can access our article critique writing service by placing an order with us. 

How to Approach an Article Critique Assignment

Whenever students are set to undertake an article critique assignment, they should consider utilizing the following steps;

Reading and Understanding the Article

Since the entire article critique assignment has basis on the content within an article, it is essential to ensure that you read and understand the entire content of the essay. In the course of the reading process students should focus on particular key aspects including;

The key argument of the essay

Here students should identify the authors’ thesis or what the author is trying to convey. This is the fundamental basis of an article critique assessment.

Review the study approach

How does the author study the topic of concern? The author may develop his study through primary research or secondary research. Is the approach rational subject to the topic of study? Accordingly, students should analyse the rationale of the approach to generate valid information for the study.

Review the argument

Argument review entails an analysis of the validity of the argument in support of the authors’ thesis. Particularly, students should review the basis of these arguments to determine their credibility. Among the aspects to review in this section include;

The presence of supporting evidence to defend the argument. This may include descriptive statistics or evidence from reliable secondary sources.

Also, this stage is the most viable stage to identify any weaknesses in the author’s argument.

Conclusion Review

Lastly, review the conclusion to determine whether the author did adopt a strong stance from the study.

By taking your time to undertake a detailed review of the article you get to identity the;

  • Research problem
  • Research method used to address the purpose of the article
  • Findings of the study
  • Conclusion

It is essential to jot down the points you identify following the analysis of each of the sections of the article. However, students should refrain from making summaries of the article. Subsequent, to this demand I provide a review of key aspects that may serve as the basis of your critic in an article.

Determining the existence of fallacies

Fallacies are arguments that lack evidence. In articles fallacies may be a result of individual beliefs since they lack supporting evidence. Accordingly, fallacies in an article may occur alongside the author’s beliefs or the beliefs of the respondents participating in the research. Certainly, this is a viable basis for extending critics.

Identify Biasness in the Authors Argument

At times authors develop biased arguments seeking to defend one particular view while overshadowing the alternative. Also, some authors can seek evidence to supress an alternative view. Basically such argument leave a significant gap within the topic of study which is an essential basis of critic.

Additionally, biasness may extend whenever an author tends to give more credit to a particular aspect mostly subject to their feeling on the aspect. At such instances the author may portray the aspect under review in an overstated manner.

Critic the Methodology

At times, methodology critic can be the sole basis of an article critique assignment. Under such circumstances, evaluators seek to assess students’ ability to develop a research with the least chances of the errors and biasness. While critiquing the methodology students should focus on several elements including;

  • The suitability of the research design to the kind of study – A good example of a basis of critic is the use of a qualitative research methodology to collect quantitative data.
  • Review the sample selection method evaluating any factors that would affect the reliability of the results – here you can review the sample size and sample characteristics subject to the population characteristics. Often scholars tend to study a significantly small sample size that does not align with the population size.
  • Lastly, review statistical errors alongside the possibility to recreate the study.

How to format an Article Critique Essay

Despite being more of a persuasive essay upon which a student seeks to convince the reader to adopt a particular stance, article critique essays assume a different format from that of a persuasive essay. Below is a review of the article critique writing format.


At the very beginning, article critique essays have an introduction. However, the constituents of the introduction are not similar to those of other common essays. Accordingly, the introduction serves as a basis for introducing the article under review. Basically, you present a brief summary of the article outlining;

  • The author of the article
  • The subject of concern in the article
  • Thesis statement upon which you will extend your critique

Since you must present the thesis statement in the introduction section, it is essential to read the article thoroughly and identify basis of critic before beginning on the writing exercise.

Review of the Arguments in the Article

This can be perceived to be an extended summary where you review the arguments featured in the article. Also, this section should identify the conclusion made by the author on the subject of study.

The Critique Section

It is important to note that critique does not only identify the limitation of a study. Instead, it focuses on both the positive and negative aspect of a study. Preferably, this should be featured in equal measures. The critique section should present a convincing review of the accuracy and reliability of the information presented in an article to studying a particular topic. To enhance more understanding among the readers the review should have basis on evidence. Also, one can illustrate their point of argument using examples.


Lastly, article critique essays should feature a conclusion section that summarizes key points from in the essay. Additionally, this section should feature a concluding remark on the relevancy of the research. Whenever a student identifies a deficiency on the relevance of the particular research, he or she should outline recommendations on how future researcher can improve on the particular weaknesses.

Article Critique Writing Help Services

Evident from the analysis above, article critique writing is not an easy exercise since it involves extensive review of an article to gain familiarity with the author’s approach of the study topic. Additionally, students must possess critical thinking which improve their ability to engage with work of another author and identity any gaps within the article. Basically, students must have the capacity to review the significance of each part of the essay and its contribution to the credibility of the study.

Subsequently, article writing may turn out to be challenging to some students especially to students who have immense responsibilities or students undertaking article critique writing for the first time. Student under these particular circumstance may need help with their article critique assignment. Accordingly, Essay Point offer high-quality article critique writing services to help students who lack the capacity to undertake these projects.

To ensure quality deliver, Essay Point has a competent team of article critique writers who have the skills to analyse articles, critique them and further support their critics using evidence from scientific research. Furthermore, we only give custom essays made from scratch to our clients to ensure originality. While customizing an essay writers adhere fully to the set instructions to ensure the attainment of every single requirement. Thus, we assure of high-quality and original deliveries whenever clients seek our help with article critique assignments.

How can I access Article Critique Writing Services?

Our website has been customized in a way that it is friendly and easy to navigate. To access our article critique writing services, you should place an order with us through the following steps;

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my Article Critique Essay cost?

The cost of Article Critique Essay varies subject to a number of factors including the length (word count) and the timeline of the essay. Accordingly, high word count and small timelines attract high prices while as essays with minimal word count and extensive time frames attract lower prices. However, at Essay Point we further tailor our prices to ensure that clients can competitively afford our fast essay writing services whenever they have urgent assignments.

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