compare and contrast essay topics

Posted: June 12th, 2022

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Compare-and-Contrast Essay Topics

Are you struggling to come up with relevant and interesting compare and contrast essay topics. Worry not since our team of experts at essaypoint have come up with informative articles to not only give you example topics to choose from but also additional tips to ensure you write educative essays. In addition, we offer the best essay writing services. Accordingly, should you get stuck with your essay project reach out to us at essaypoint  to access quality and thorough research in your project as well as countless reviews.

How to come up with an appropriate Compare and Contrast Essay Topic

First, for an excellent essay, avoid discussing obvious subjects that is well known but instead establish unique issues that elaborate real problems which few essays have written on to maintain relevance. Second, identify a particular discipline that interests you for situations where your professor has not given direction. For instance, one could prefer to have essay in history while another opts for arts. Third, list a couple of topics you would want to have an essay on. Most important, go through previous essays that relate to the topics and see the recommendations.

From the recommendation by various researchers, narrow down to the topic you can best handle and one which your target audience are able to resonate with. Finally, ensure you choose a topic that is recent as people want to learn more on modern and controversial topics.

In addition, students should not mix topics that do not relate for whichever reason. In compare and contrast topics, the aim is to give similarities and differences thus the two subjects of discussion must be in the same discipline. Further, go through the topics below to get appropriate examples and ideas for your compare and contrast essay. The order begins with various disciplines then different levels of study therefore, it is important go through our long list of topics.  

Compare and Contrast essay topics on Psychology

  • Compare and Contrast the effect of parents’ advise and peers advise on children’s actions
  • Strict parenting in comparison to cool calm parenting
  • Compare and contrast mental institutions and regular stress clinic visits for patients with mental illness.
  • Traditional vs. Modern methods for managing and treating depression
  • Bipolar disorder vs. Bipolar depression
  • Differentiate between bipolar 1 and 2 disorders
  • Idiographic vs. Nomothetic
  • Compare and contrast Holism to reductionism
  • Give similarities if nature vs. nurture in determining human behavior
  • Similarities and differences of Determinism and Free- will
  • Alpha bias vs. Beta bias
  • Stress vs. Depression
  • Compare and differentiate Autism and Down Syndrome
  • Smoking vs. vaping
  • Murder vs. manslaughter as forms of homicide

History Compare and Contrast Essay Topics    

  • Communism in comparison to liberalism
  • Iran before and after monarchy
  • World War I in comparison to World War II
  • Compare and contrast Civil Rights during the 20th and 21st centuries
  • Life in America before and after Vietnam war
  • Compare and contrast the ancient Egyptians to Native Americans
  • Gandhi vs. Jinnah’s approaches to political leadership
  • Compare Russian Emperors
  • Renaissance art in comparison to Baroque art
  • United States Government vs. the Soviet Union
  • German philosophers Karl Marx vs. Friedrich Hegel
  • Warsaw pact in comparison to the NATO
  • Similarities and differences of East and the West Germany
  • Give similarities and differences of bamboo curtain and iron curtain
  • Korean War vs. Vietnam War
  • Customs of Native Americans vs. Ancient Egyptians
  • Dictator leadership of Mussolini vs. Franco in World War II
  • Columbus vs. Hernán Cortés   
  • Compare and contrast Thomas Edison’s invention to Nikola Tesla’s
  • Andrew Carnegie vs. John Rockefeller
  • Compare and contrast Fukushima nuclear disaster to Chernobyl
  • Compare and contrast to Roman Rulers to Greek Rulers

Compare and contrast essay topics relating to Education

  • Compare and contrast Theory to Practical in learning
  • Home schooling vs. attending physical to school
  • In- person learning in comparison to online studies
  • Reading a virtual book vs. a physical book
  • Oral test compared to written test
  • Cumulative scores over a duration vs. one main test
  • Classwork vs. homework
  • In the library vs. personal comfort zone for studies
  • Vocational course in comparison to professional
  • United Kingdom education system vs. United States
  • Boarding vs. Day school
  • Public vs. Private school
  • Essays vs. Research Paper
  • Uniform in comparison to casual clothes in schools
  • Universities vs. College

Technology Compare and Contrast Topics for an essay

  • Landline vs. mobile phones
  • iPhone 13 vs. iPhone 13 pro max
  • WPS Office vs. Adobe Reader
  • Android system in comparison to IOS system
  • Mobile games vs. traditional games
  • Compare and contrast watching an online movies vs. visiting public theaters
  • Touch screen keyboard vs. physical keyboard
  • Online tests vs. paper tests
  • Electric vehicles in comparison to gasoline
  • Robots vs. people in manufacturing companies
  • Solar vs. wind energy
  • Wireless vs. wired device connections
  • Automated security system in comparison to security guards
  • Chromebook vs. Macbook laptops
  • DSLR cameras vs. smartphone cameras
  • Twitter vs. Instagram
  •  YouTube vs. TikTok
  • Whatsapp vs. Messenger
  • Online shopping in comparison to shopping physically at the mall
  • Learning from the internet vs. being taught by a tutor
  • In- person meetings in comparison to video conferencing
  • Driver- operated vehicles in comparison to self-driving vehicles

Sports compare and contrast essay topics

  • Morning vs. late night workouts
  • Outdoor runs in comparison to treadmill for weight loss
  • Indigenous vs. modern sports
  • Swimming in comparison to Cycling
  • Volleyball vs. Basketball
  • Premier League in comparison to Champions League
  • Ice vs. Field hockey
  • Baseball vs. Cricket
  • Ice Hockey vs. Roller Hockey
  • Ice skating vs. Snowboarding
  • Scavenger hunt vs. Hide-and- seek
  • Chess in comparison to checkers
  • Compare and contrast ice to rock climbing
  • Yoga vs. Gym
  • Table tennis vs. Lawn Tennis
  • Basketball vs. Netball
  • Formula 1 in comparison to off-road racing
  • Men vs. women athletics
  • Chinese Chequers vs. common checkers

Compare and Contrast essay topics in Literature

  • “The Cask of Amontillado” vs. “The Fall of the House of Usher” story telling methods
  • “To His Coy Mistress” vs. “To the Virgins” poems
  • “Poem for My Father’s Ghost” by Mary Oliver vs. “Steady as Any Ship My Father” by Doretta Cornell’s
  • Alice Walker’s “Everyday Use” vs. Eudora Welty “A Worn Path”
  • Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” vs. “The Summer People”
  • Ernest Hemingway’s literature vs. John Steinbeck
  • James Patterson vs. John Grisham’s  thrillers
  • Compare and contrast authors David Baldacci vs. Dan Brown
  • Patricia Highsmith vs. Patricia Cornwell’s literature
  • Raymond Chandler vs. Dean Koontz
  • “Fifty Shades of Grey” vs. “Mated to the Alpha King” Romance novels
  • Science Fiction Sarah Gailey’s  “The Echo Wife” vs. Neal Stephenson’s “Snow Crash”
  • Short stories Lisa Taddeo’s “Lois and Varga” vs.  Lucia Berlin’s “Tiger Bites”
  • Roger Zelazny vs. Frank Robert techniques of writing comics
  • “Saga Finally Returns” vs. “Take a Trip Back To Astro City”
  • Harlan Ellison vs. Robert Bloch’s sense of humor
  • “The Night Trilogy” vs. “The Nightingale” novels from World War II
  • Sarah J. Maas’s “The Court of Thorns And Roses” vs. “The Court of Mist and Fury”
  • “Children of Blood and Bone” vs. “Children of Virtue and Vengeance” novels by Tomi Adeyemi
  • Crime novels “Rebecca” by Daphne Du Maurier vs. “The Lovely Bones” by Alice Sebold

 Culture Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • Compare and Contrast Latin American to Europe Culture
  • Give similarities and differences of modern and ancient Egyptians
  • Swedish vs. Finnish language
  • Mexican vs. Italian food
  • American Sign Language vs. British Sign Language
  • Aztecs vs. Mayans
  • Traditional apparel of Latin America vs. Argentina
  • Give similarities and differences of the business culture of Japan and China
  • Compare and contrast the driving culture of Britain to that of Germany
  • Compare and contrast Hinduism to Buddhism religions
  • Give cultural similarities and differences of Finland and United States of America
  • Compare Islamic to Hindu marriages
  • Compare and contrast the customer service of Australia to Italy
  • Show the similarities as well as differences in the circumcision culture of Japan and that Korea
  • Compare and Contrast the American vs. British parenting styles
  • Babylonians vs. Roman gods
  • Compare China’s women leadership in the past to present
  • United States women leadership vs. China  
  • Gender Roles in Russia in comparison to United States of America
  • Racism in China in comparison to Japan
  • Compare and contrast the difference in marital traditions of Eastern and Western Europe
  • Christianity Old testament vs. New testament

Science Compare and contrast Essay Topics

  • Modern vs. traditional medicine
  • Nuclear power vs. coal energy
  • Fossil fuels vs. non- fossil fuels
  • Mechanical vs. chemical energy
  • Bacterial vs. viral infection
  • Greenhouse vs. Polytunnels farming
  • Greenhouse vs. open field farming
  • Tropical cyclone vs. avalanche
  • Natural calamities floods in comparison to drought
  • Earthquake vs. Tsunami
  • Leonardo-da-Vinci’s invention Thomas Jefferson’s
  • Science vs. Christianity origin of mankind

Health and Medical Compare and contrast Essay Topics

  • Private vs. Public hospital
  • Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery vs. Gym exercise including glute bridge, jumping squats, walking lunge with weights, single-leg deadlift, clamshell, banded side step and donkey kicks
  • Cosmetic and plastic surgery vs. traditional soaps and herbs
  • Liposuction vs. tummy tucks
  • Dieting and exercise to lose weight vs. weight loss surgeries
  • Cesarean section vs. Vaginal birth
  • Care in hospital vs. Care at home
  • Gonorrhea vs. Syphilis
  • Chicken pox on children vs. adults
  • Contemporary vs. historical treatment for common infections for example ear or throat
  • Acid reflux vs. Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Roles of a medical assistant vs. physician assistant
  • Compare and contrast Doctor of Medicine MD vs. Doctor of Osteopathic DO
  • Licensed Practical Nurse LPN in comparison to Registered Nurse RN
  • Autism vs. down syndrome

Compare and contrast essay topics on Economics and Business

  • Gross Domestic Product vs. Gross National Product
  • Macro vs. Micro economics
  • Consumerism vs. minimalism
  • Developing vs. developed economy
  • Investing in company shares vs. crypto currency
  • Investing in real estate vs. agriculture
  • Sole- proprietor vs. partnership
  • Government local vs. foreign borrowing
  • Unlimited company vs. limited company
  • Company limited by shares vs. company limited by guarantee
  • Manufacturing vs. Service companies
  • Assembly vs. Processing industry
  • Economic growth of China in 2012 vs. 2022
  • Economic Status of China vs. Russia
  • Traditional economics vs. Business Economics

Compare and contrast essay topics on Politics, Leadership and Governance

  • Compare and contrast the development agendas of the Republicans to those of the Democrats
  • Give the similarities and difference of the leadership of young and old presidents in terms of age. For instance, Barrack Obama and Joe Biden
  • What was the perception of democracy 100 years ago in comparison to present
  • Are there similarities and difference between male and female leadership
  • Compare and contrast politics at state level to Federal level
  • Compare and contrast the measures of religion and politics in promoting unity and peace
  • Give similarities and differences of democracy at different models
  • Politics before and after technology
  • Compare and contrast the foreign relations of Russia and China
  • Give a comparison of age difference in understand political matters by citizens of different age gaps
  • Compare different party policies that ensure fair competition among candidates
  • Compare the response to disaster and terrorism by different political parties
  • Urban vs. Rural politics and structure of political parties
  • Evaluate how two governments of your choice issue and implement executive orders
  • Democracy vs. Dictatorship
  • Multiparty vs. single party
  • Modern vs. Traditional Liberalism
  • Compare and Contrast two political parties of your choice

Geography and Nature Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • Denmark Strait cataract vs. Inga falls
  • Mount Everest vs. Andes
  • Sahara Desert vs. Dasht-e Lut Desert
  • Caspian Sea vs. Lake Baikal
  • Pacific vs. Atlantic oceans
  • Congo River vs. The Nile River
  • Fiji island vs. Palawan in the Philippines
  • Bay of Bengal vs. Chesapeake bay
  • Mammoth Cave vs. The Son Doong Cave
  • Kalaupapa cliff vs. Mount Thor
  • Cypress Hills vs. Manali
  • Amazon Rainforest vs. Southeast Asian rain forests
  • Northeast Greenland National Park vs. America’s Everglades National Park
  • Cox’s Bazar Beach vs. Green Sands Beach

Music Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • Compare and Contrast modern to ancient country music
  • Country vs. Rap music
  • Compare classical music to contemporary
  • Compare music in two countries of your choice
  • Contrast and compare poetry to music
  • Roles of men vs. women in music

Compare and Contrast Topics for kids

  • Fingerpaint in comparison to crayon art
  • Custard gelato vs. ice cream
  • Ice pop vs. Sorbet
  • Nutella vs. peanut butter
  • Peanut vs. popcorn
  • Jawbreaker candy vs. lollipop
  • Sleeping bag vs. duvet
  • Pizza vs. burger
  • Batman in comparison to Spiderman
  • Visiting aunties and uncles in comparison to grand parents
  • Playing in the house in comparison to outside
  • Christmas to Easter holiday
  • Winter in comparison to summer

Topics for Compare and Contrast Essays at Elementary Level

  • Compare and contrast your parents’ personalities
  • Give the similarities and differences of two sports you enjoy most
  • Compare and contrast your best and worst food
  • Compare shopping at the grocery market to shopping at the mall
  • What are the similarities and differences of whales and dolphins
  • Camping in tents vs. in vans
  • Writing vs. drawing
  • Favorite vs. worst meal
  • Donkey vs. horse
  • Compare being bilingual to being multilingual
  • Compare electricity light to solar

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for High School Level

  • School timetable being drafted by students in comparison to teachers
  • Learning instruments at home in comparison to at school
  • In person buying vs. online shopping
  • Parents shopping your personal items vs. giving you money to shop yourself
  • Compare and contrast recovery of drug addicts at home vs. in rehabilitation centers
  • Zoom vs. goggle meet vs. teams
  • Compare students carrying packed lunch from home vs. having a common meal in school
  • Compare and contrast plays to novels
  • Early risers vs. late night people
  • Playing the guitar vs. violin
  • Sleep walking vs. sleep talking
  • Being raised in the city in comparison to countryside
  • Having siblings in comparison to being the only child
  • Summer vs. winter vacations
  • Compare having your nuclear and extended family live in the same house to just living with your nuclear family

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a good compare and contrast topic for my essay

Explicitly, students lack insight on how to come up with an excellent topic for an essay. Firstly, it is important to determine the discipline of study they wish to write on. Then, establish your personal interests or rather a topic you would wish to research more on. Moreover, looking into previous research recommendations would be a good guide to give options for appropriate topics. Finally, write some notes in point form to find out whether you will get enough substantial information to write the essay.

How do I avoid bias in compare and contrast essays?

Notably, the temptation to discuss one side of the topic which the student often agrees with is high in compare and contrast essays however, students must always ensure to give supportive facts on both parts of the topic on the similarities and differences.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, compare and contrast essay are one of the interesting academic works as they reduce the boredom of having to research on one topic. However, our experienced team of experts at essaypoint are always ready to help you through the most complex essays. It is our joy to assist you excel in your academics as well as career. Accordingly, we hope that our articles positively impact on your knowledge and make your next assignment much easier to handle.





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