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Posted: April 16th, 2022

The Ultimate Essay Writing Guide

Essay Writing Guide

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What does essay writing entail?

Essay writing involves the presentation of arguments and ideas with the support of viable evidence. Supporting evidence should be analysed and interpreted to showcase its connection to the argument or idea of the essay. However, essay writing does not solely involve the essay writing exercise. Instead, it revolves around a number of elements which are essential to ensure competence in essay writing. Subsequently, essay point experts seek to develop a essay writing guide analysing particular aspects to improve students’ competitiveness in handling essay assignments. Accordingly, this article reviews types of essays, the structure of an essay, essay topic selection and the essay writing process.

Types of Essays

To begin with, our essay writing guide develop a review on types of essays which are the core determinant of all other aspects involved in essay writing. There are different types of essays with the common types being argumentative essays, compare and contrast essays, persuasive essays, expository essays, admission essays and cause and effect essays. Often tutors mandate students to identify the required essay relative to the instructions given alongside essay assignments. Thus it is necessary for students to develop familiarity with the requirement related to each type of essay. With this in mind we develop an in-depth review of the requirements of various types of essays.

Argumentative essays

This is the most common form of assessment in higher education. In these essays students are mandated to take a stance on a particular topic with viable supporting evidence. Thus, students must study the topic of study, acquire knowledge concerning the study topic and then proceed to defend their position relative to their understanding on the topic. Subsequently, students must undertake in-depth studies to acquire adequate knowledge on the topic of study upon which they can invent the basis of argument and take a feasible stance. Most importantly, argumentative essays must feature a thesis statement in their structure. Thesis statement outlines the argument to be featured in the body section and the stance adopted by the student. Additionally, thesis statements should be clear, focused and concise to ensure that leaders are familiar with the content of the essay.

Students can review our article on argumentative essay topics to gain more insight on how to frame argumentative essay topics. Also, our experts are relatively competent in handling argumentative essay topics. Thus, any student who incur challenge in developing their argumentative essay assignment should consider hiring our experts at essay point.

Persuasive Essays

Persuasive essays adopt a similar approach to that of argumentative essays. However, persuasive essays seek to sway the reader to adopt a particular stance. Consequently, writers have the mandate to defend their views with logical arguments with an aim to convince the reader to take a similar position. With this in mind, writers must undertake in-depth research on their topic of study to ensure familiarity with existing views. Since most compelling evidence all presents a counter argument to opposing ideas, students should advance their research both on supporting and dissenting arguments. From the dissenting side students should seek basis for countering opposing evidence to further affirm their opinion and sway the leaders to adopt their view.

Additionally, essay point experts have identified a number of persuasive essay topics that students can use in their essay assignment. Similarly, students who incur challenges with their essay projects should seek assistance from our experts at essay point. We have the commitment to ensure student excellence in essay projects.

Compare and Contrast Essays

As the name suggests compare and contrast essays involves analysing similarities and differences. Certainly, a comparison is done between two elements. Accordingly, compare and contrast essays features the similarities and differences between two related topics. Contrary to argumentative and persuasive essays, compare and contrast essays seek to evaluate students’ comprehension of two particular topics. Under this type of essays, tutors might provide the subjects of comparison or assign students the responsibility to select the topics they seek to feature in their essays. In the case students bear the responsibility to choose topics for their essays assignment they can review sample compare and contrast essay topics. Furthermore we offer relief to students who lack the competence to handle their essays. Hire our experts with a relative assurance of quality and original submissions.

Expository Essays

This genre of essays is set to expound on a particular issue. Subsequently, it is often utilized in exams where students get assigned the mandate to expound on a particular issue that was previously featured in class studies. In responding to these essays, students can adopt a wide range of approaches including, cause and effect, argumentative, persuasive or comparison and contrast. Basically, expository essays can accommodate the structure of any type of essay in their response subject to the question. Essay point experts have the competence to handle expository essays. Accordingly students can seek help whenever they lack the competence to handle expository essay assignments. Also, students can review expository essays topics to acquire insight on what is expected of them in this kind of essays.  

Cause and Effect Essays

Similar to compare and contrast essays, cause and effect essays analyse the relationship between two events. However, cause and effect essays do not analyse the similarities and differences in the particular events. Instead, these essays analyse the influence one event on another event (how does the occurrence of a particular event lead to the occurrence of another related event). Through these essays, tutors seek to evaluate students’ critical thinking relative to their ability to connect two events and make recommendation subject to the relative impact.

Admission Essay

Lastly we have admission essays that are fundamental requirements while applying to colleges. Often, college administration seeks to review student interest prior to affirming them a position within the institution. Thus, college essays should feature individual commitment in pursuing the particular course and the consideration upon which the selection of the particular institution was made. To access help with admission essays place an order with us at essay point.

The Structure of an Essay

Having identified the various types of essays and the requirements of each type of essay, we proceed to a essay writing guide structure. Essay writing structure involves the organization of an essay. Most essays assume the basic essay structure which include; introduction, body and conclusion. Subsequently, every single section contain specific elements as outlined below;


The introduction is the first section of an essay which provides the basis of aspect under review in an essay. Consequently, the introduction provides background information on the topic of study and further narrows down to the bone of contention which is the core of the essay. Most importantly, the introduction should contain a thesis statement outlining the stance of the writer on the subject under review. In simple terms thesis statement provides a summary of the entire essay. Subsequently, the body section should present information that supports the thesis statements. In summary, the introduction should include three key elements;

  • Background information on the topic of study
  • A review of the basis of argument in the topic of study
  • Thesis statement outlining the stance on the writer in the essay.


Secondly, we have the body section that features a number of paragraphs providing evidence in support of the thesis statement. To ensure proper organization every paragraph should feature one particular argument in support of the thesis statement. There is no a given number of paragraphs that should be encompassed in the body section. Accordingly, students have the flexibility to include their preferred number of paragraphs relative to the arguments featured in this section. Paragraphs should assume a particular structure to improve their effectiveness in argument delivery.

Paragraph Structure

Essay paragraphs feature five key sections; topic sentence, supporting sentences, evidence, analysis and concluding sentences.

Topic Sentence

First, paragraphs feature topic sentences that outline the main idea under review in a particular paragraph. Thus, the write-up of the entire paragraph should align with the topic sentence. Topic sentences help student to maintain the focus on their key arguments. Additionally, topic sentences guide the reader on the argument in a paragraph.

Supporting Sentences

Secondly, we have supporting sentences that seek to expound on the topic sentence. Since, paragraphs feature a number of supporting sentences, students should organize them in a logical order such that the idea in one sentence leads to the other sentence. At the same time, students should refrain from introducing new ideas in the topic sentences since it diverts the focus of the essay. As identified earlier, every paragraph should feature one particular idea.

Evidence Sentence

As the name suggests this sentence illustrates evidence in support of the argument of the paragraph.

Analysis Sentence

The analysis sentence should provide an explanation on how the evidence supports the claim of the paragraph and the thesis statement. In summary, the analysis sentence reviews the significance of the evidence to the essay argument.

Concluding Sentence

Lastly, paragraphs should contain concluding sentences which provides a concluding remark to the paragraph and serves as the transition to the next paragraph.


Finally, essay structure features the conclusion which provides a summary of the main points in the essay. In addition, the conclusion section should contain a closing sentence that that outline the significance of the essay in the niche of study. Students should further refrain from introducing new ideas in the conclusion section as it is limited to provide a summary of the points in the essay.

To gain more insight on essay writing format/structure students can review our article “essay writing format guide.

Essay Topic Selection

Often instructors will only provide instructions on how to handle an essay project with the exception of an essay topic. Thus, students have the responsibility to choose an essay topic upon which they will undertake the essay assignment. Contrary to the thinking that essay topic selection is a simple exercise it is a complex process that often oversee failure in essay projects. Subsequent to this challenge, our essay writing guide will provide a review on how to select essay topics which will help improve student competence in selecting essay topics.

Review the Type of Essay

As identified earlier the essay type is the core of any essay writing exercise. As a result, it determines all other aspects in an essay writing exercise. Subsequently, determining the type of essay required as per the instructions is the first most exercise in selecting an essay topic. Having read this guide you are adequately equipped with knowledge pertaining different types of essays. Accordingly, different type of essays require specific essay topics to align with their role in essay writing.


Having identified the type of essay needed, students should proceed to brainstorm on viable essay topic ideas. While undertaking this exercise determine the most interesting topics within the topic of study. This helps to maintain the selection exercise within the niche of study.

Undertake a study on the topic of interest

Most guides overlook the essence of undertaking a study on the topic of interest. However, this is an essential step since it helps a student to identify views related to a particular topic upon which they can craft their essay topic. Additionally, students can use this step to determine whether a certain topic has adequate information which can help them attain the required essay length and the intended in-depth of the review as per the instructions.

By successfully completing these three steps students will come up with outstanding essay topics.

Essay Writing Process

Following essay topic selection, our essay writing guide further reviews the essay writing process. Essay writing does not solely involve presentation of ideas. Instead there are a number of step involved prior to the commencement of the writing exercise which helps to ensure adequate preparation for the writing exercise. Essay writing experts recommend the following steps in the essay writing.


Following the identification of the essay topic students should undertake research to identify sources from which they will acquire information from. The selection of sources develops alongside the basis of argument. Accordingly, student should select sources that support their argument in the study. Additionally, the preparation stage should oversee logical organization of arguments in support of the thesis statement. Specifically, this step envisions the essay structure and the elements set for inclusion in every section.

Draft Writing

Secondly, start the writing exercise with a draft where you compile the ideas acquired from the preparation step. Since this is not the final write-up you can approach it in your most convenient manner making sure to include information in all section. Also, under this step you don’t focus on perfection, instead you seek to document every single argument and create a structure upon which the actual essay will emerge upon refinement.


Revising the draft marks initiates the actual essay writing phase. Under this step, student focus on developing a good essay structure adhering to requirements under each section. Also, this steps involves collecting grammatical and sentence structure errors and including proper in text citation and referencing. This oversees the development of the second draft which is further revised to generate the essay. While revising the second draft, students have the responsibility to ensure clarity of the featured arguments which must align with the thesis statement. Additionally, they should ensure flow of ideas which improves the readability score of the essay.


This is a very important exercise in essay writing since it provides a chance for final polishing of the essay. The main purpose of this step is to collect any grammar mistakes and ensure proper formatting as per the instructions of the essay assignment.

Similarly, we have developed an article on tips for writing a good essay. Students should review it to gain expertise on essay writing.

Essay point writing platform, has the sole commitment to help students attain high scores in their essay projects. In line with this purpose, we develop a wide range of literature on essay writing seeking to equip students with knowledge that can help them improve their competence in essay writing. The current essay writing guide is one of the many articles that students should review to gain insight on how to tackle essay assignments. Despite having the knowledge and competence on essay writing, some students lack the time to handle their essay assignments. Aware of these challenge, essay point writing platform has a pool of writers who are ready to help students with their essays. In the scenario, that you need such kind of help place an order with us with a relative assurance of quality and original delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Within what timeline should I undertake my essay assignment?

It is always commendable to start writing your essay upon its issue to ensure you have adequate time to handle it and avoid procrastination that perpetuate last minute rush. This ensure that you have adequate time to undertake research and write your essay.

Can I use essay topics in articles written by essay writing platforms?

Yes. However you should be keen to identify topics that relate to your niche of study. Often, essay writing expert do not categorize the topics into their respective topics as they compile essay topics articles. Thus students should determine the niche of study within which a topic falls to ensure the selection of appropriate topics.  



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