Thesis Statement writing guide

Posted: April 18th, 2022

Thesis Statement Writing Guide

Thesis Statement Writing

Every single essay assignment demands the inclusion of a thesis statement to attain a high score. However, students lack insight and knowledge on thesis statement writing which prompt the need to hire an expert to handle their essay assignment. To meet this need essaypoint offers essay writing services where we help students write their essay meeting all essential requirement including the thesis statement. To access our help just place an order with us with a relative assurance of quality and authentic submission.

What is a Thesis Statement?

Our previous articles have featured the thesis statement as a key element in essay writing. In fact, thesis statement is a mandatory element in essay writing. Failure to include a thesis statement oversees failure. Consequently, the question “what is a thesis statement writing?” arises.

A thesis statement is summary of the main argument within an essay. Within an essay thesis statement should be included as the last sentence in an introduction paragraph. Accordingly, thesis statement outlines the purpose of an essay and the guide the reader on aspect set for discussion in the body section. This further unleashes another question how do I write a thesis statement or what are the components of a thesis statement? The answer to this questions is provided below by essay writing experts from essay point writing platform.

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Components of a Good Thesis Statement

Thesis statement is not merely a statement since it must meet key requirements for it to meet the purpose intended for the thesis statement. The contents of a thesis statement are;

  • The main argument featured in the essay
  • The rationale behind the argument

Accordingly, these elements can be represented in one single sentence which will be the backbone of the entire essay write-up. Consequently, the body section should feature arguments in support of the thesis statement. Additionally, thesis statement should possess key features to improve its effectiveness in unleashing the key argument in an essays. Accordingly, the thesis statement should be;

  • Concise; that is it should be clear and brief.
  • It should be logical and arguable; the logic of adopted argument should be unleashed through the presentation of supporting arguments.

Why is thesis statement so important?

Students often wonder why the thesis statement is so important despite being a single sentence in the introduction section. Shouldn’t the tutor focus more on the arguments in the body section? This argument often leads to failure since students do not appreciate the essence of a thesis statement.

To begin with, tutors demand a thesis statement to help students maintain focus on the argument featured in the essay. Accordingly, thesis statement serves as the last sentence in the introduction section featuring the main idea and the supporting arguments. In the body section, students expound on the thesis statement and thus thesis statement serves as a guideline outlining what students should review in the body section. In the absence of a thesis statement, students are likely to jumble around points without any specific focus. As a result, there are high chances of getting off the topic of discussion.

Secondly, thesis statement writing helps to ease the essay writing exercise by laying out a focused and logical approach in essay writing. Subsequently, when you understand the key argument in your essays you can express supporting ideas in a clear and coherent manner. Similar to a journey where you know the destination and the route to follow. There is much ease in accessing the destination.

In the absence of a thesis statement, students risk the presentation of disorganized essays with no any specific focus. Relative to this risk, tutors will always give low scores on an essay project that lacks a thesis statement. Thus it is essential to have a thesis statement in your essay since it one of the key determinant of the score in an essay assignment.

Having identified the importance of a thesis statement, it is important to review how to develop a thesis statement.

How to Come up With a Thesis Statement

Thesis statement are not developed by merely thinking an argumentative issue and viable supporting evidence. Instead, thesis writing involves a number of steps which are essential to ensure the development of a good thesis statement. These steps include;


Brainstorming basically involves the act of reviewing various topics to identify your topic of interest and the aspect upon which one can develop an argument in the particular niche. Here, students should answer the question “what would I like to study on within a particular topic?” Accordingly, students must first select a topic of interest and further proceed to determine what you seek to study in the topic of interest. In line with the aspect of interest in your study, formulate a question upon which you will conduct a study.

Conducting Research

Undertake a research on aspect of interest to identify answers to your question upon which you develop a stance on the issue of interest. Accordingly, your stance must show logic through evidence. Thus, it is mandatory for one to undertake research to identify a valid argument that has adequate supporting evidence to defend its rationale.

Since thesis statements should be concise and focused, it is essential to narrow down to one particular aspect in the thesis statement to avoid an overlap of ideas and maintain focus on the selected argument. Additionally, students should refrain from defending vague and common ideas in their thesis statements since it might demotivate the reader from reading your essay. Subsequently, students should ensure that their thesis statements are captivating and interesting. This motivates the reader to read the entire essay.

Frequently Asked Questions about Thesis Statement

Can a thesis statement be a question?

Absolutely No. A thesis statement is a concise summary of the argument within an essay. Thus, cannot be a question.

How long should be a thesis statement be?

As identified earlier thesis statements is often one sentence in the conclusion of the introductory paragraph. However, this may vary subject to the length of the essay. Big essays might feature a number of elements thus necessitating a longer thesis statement.

Concluding Remark

This article provides an in-depth review of thesis statement writing. It is our hope that upon reading it you are better placed to make a strong thesis statement and improve your essay assignment score. In addition to offering such helpful insights, we offer essay writing services. In the case a student lacks time to handle their essay assignment we are committed to lend a helping hand.

Also, students can outsource our essay writing services to improve on their performance. Accordingly, our essay writing services are offered by experts who have immense experience and expertise in essay writing. Relative to their competence, students have the assurance of quality and authentic delivery. To access our help place an order with us and we will deliver your assignment on time.

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