How to write an essay fast

Posted: May 18th, 2022

Tips on How to Write an Essay Fast


Essay Writing Experience

In this essay, I seek to outline two key strategies upon which students can tackle the challenge of short deadlines; that is how students can write an essay fast. The most significant strategy is to seek essay writing services from essay writing experts. This option has a series of benefit which I will review in the article. There exist a wide range of websites offering essay help services but essaypoint stands out owing to its commitment to ensure client satisfaction. By placing an order at Essaypoint you have the assurance of quality, timely and plagiarism free submissions.

Secondly, students can commit to handle the essay on their own within the short time period. Accordingly, it is important to review ways within students can commit to have their essays done on time by themselves. Below, I review the strategy I used back in college to write my essay fast and ensure timely completion even in the presence of limited timeline.

As many can confirm essay writing tend to be tedious at times making it relatively difficult to write an essay fast. Back in my college days would have preferred to undertake a maths problem or a reading-based task at the alternative of the essay writing. The key challenge in essay writing develops alongside the fact that one can’t just start writing an essay.  In fact essay writing involves a series of activities upon whose collective execution one generates an academic essay. Accordingly, students must brainstorm on the essay requirements, undertake research, and make an outline and a subsequent draft. Lastly, one should proofread and edit the draft to ensure that the essay meets the intended quality.

Benefits of Essay Writing Services

The key factor to note about essay writing services is that they are offered by essay writing expert. These are graduates who have committed a significant part of their career to academic research. Accordingly, these experts not only possess the competence to write an essay but to meet the quality that assures high scores in the particular essay. Additionally, they are competent enough to offer fast essay writing services upon which they help with relatively urgent essays. Below is a range of benefits that students stand to gain upon seeking essay writing services.

Timely Delivery

Since lack of time and wide range of responsibilities is the factor limiting student’s ability to complete their assignment, essay writing experts commit to deliver orders on time. Subsequently, students should be keen to indicate the correct timeline when filling in the order form since essay writing expert work alongside this timeline. In instances where projects are really urgent, students can indicate the urgency status by placing an order under the title write my essay ASAP! Such orders are given preference to ensure timely delivery.

Quality Submissions

Essay writing firm including Essay Point (best essay writing platform since 1996) hire writers subject to their competence to present academic work in their subjects of specialization. To ensure this, all writers must undergo an evaluation exercise set to analyse key academic writing skills. Specifically, we assess the ability of the writer to meet set instructions, conduct research and reference accordingly and present quality and original work. Accordingly all writers set for hire are qualified and competent and thus students have the assurance of quality delivery.

Original and Authentic Essays

Subject to our recruitment process we ensure that every single writer in our team is competent enough to deliver original work. This develops alongside individual capacity to research, paraphrase and accredit sources through in-text citations and referencing. Also, we accompany all submissions with a similarity report to assure clients of the originality of the work.


Most students ask whether it is possible for someone to know that they seek help from essay writing experts. We commit our efforts to ensure that our services are rendered with the utmost confidentiality. In particular, students open an account with us from where all the transaction and communications take place. The account is secured by a password input in the opening process by the client and thus he or she is the only person who can access it.

Free Up Time

Whenever students’ buy custom essays from reliable essay writing platforms they secure more time to undertake other responsibilities. Accordingly, they can commit the time that would been used to write an essay in other activities such as working and connecting with their family members and friends. This further eliminates the pressure that results whenever students are set to undertake series of responsibilities within a limited timeframe.

Evidently, essay writing services present an optimal solution to students incurring challenges with their assignments whether due to lack of time or competence. Essay writing services are not limited to essays but also extend to dissertation, thesis and research papers. Student should consider accessing these services from Essay Point which is a reliable essay writing firm.

How to Write an Essay Fast

In addition, to seeking help from essay writing services students can also dedicate their efforts to oversee the completion of their essays on time. Accordingly, it is important to learn the tricks upon which you can write an essay fast. Below, I review the key factors that one should put into consideration while seeking to write an essay fast.

Understanding the Requirements

This is the foremost exercise in writing an essay fast. In instances, where students lack insight on what is required in an assignment they get the stuck and often take a lot of time to handle their assignments. Additionally, if a student approach a question in the wrong manner they tend to fail the essay irrespective of how well they write the essay. This is equivalent to the wastage of precious time.

Thus, it is important for students to understand the assignment. In instances where students lack insight on how to go about an assignment they are always free to consult with their professors who will guide them accordingly. As the saying goes asking a question does not necessarily imply that you are a fool, but whenever you fail to ask and do the wrong thing you are automatically a fool.

Note: Understanding the requirements of any assignment is the first step to the attainment of high scores.


Subsequent to the requirement of the essay proceed to undertake research on the aspect of study. Research is a relatively time consuming exercise and thus it requires students to develop it with immense efficiency. Accordingly, they should clearly identify their basis of research to avoid searching irrelevant information accompanied by time wastage. Setting the niche of research gives students the opportunity to conduct in-depth research on a particular topic within a short time. Basically, identifying the aspect of study serves a guidelines on what to focus on while researching for the essay. This is a fundamental skill in fast essay writing.

Create Outline

Upon conducting research, students get to identify the argument to feature in the essay alongside the supporting arguments. These aspects should serve as the basis of creating an outline.  Being a summary of the content of the essay an outline should be brief containing the thesis statement and supporting argument featuring a good chronological order. Accordingly, you list the arguments in the order you seek to tackle them. Basically, the outline gives you a starting point from which you structure the essay.   

How to Write an Essay Outline

An essay outline should conform to the format below;


Introduction is the first section of an essay outline. The introduction should feature the topic of study and a thesis statement outlining the stance the author seeks to take in the essay. Thesis statement is the backbone of the entire essay since the body section must feature argument supporting the thesis statement.

Body Section

Secondly, an outline has a body that is structured in paragraphs with each paragraph featuring a unique argument. Accordingly, students should include a topic sentence and the evidence in support of the topic sentence on every paragraph.


Lastly, an outline has a conclusion section which identifies the essence of the study.

How does essay outline help to write an essay fast?

An essay outline plays three key role that improves student’s capacity to write an essay fast. These roles include;

  • Organization of research results and individual thought as per the research question
  • Formulates the structure to follow when writing the essay which is essential in creating information flow.
  • It helps students to ensure that nothing is left when writing since they will have identified all the important aspects to feature in the essay.

Evidently having an essay outline is essential to improve students’ ability to write an essay faster.

Write the Draft

Upon completing the prior three steps students should now begin the writing process. This does not automatically generate the essay. Instead it generates a draft which is refined into an essay in a number of steps. The draft is basically is a typical essay build upon the outline. In particular, a draft elaborates on points in the outline. In the writing exercise it is of paramount important to focus on the quality rather than length of the essay.

Proofread and Edit the Draft

This is the last step in essay writing where you ensure that the draft has;

Proper structure in the essay

Clarity of arguments in different paragraphs

Correct grammar and proper sentence structuring

Proper in text-citation and referencing

Having fulfilled all these aspects, the draft is ready for submission which is the final exercise in writing an essay fast. Subsequently, the completion time should be within the essay timeline to avoid late submission penalties.

Additional Tips

To write an essay fast you not only need to possess good essay writing skills but also to be in a conducive environment. Accordingly, students should seek to research, write and revise their assignments within comfortable environment with minimal or no distractions at all. The term comfortable environment does not necessarily mean that one should write in bed. Instead, it implies that one should select an environment that does not distract their attention for example, writing while tucked in a comfortable chair. Even though, this aspect is not common in articles on fast essay writing it is a fundamental aspect that students should consider whenever they seek to write an essay fast.

Secondly, students should refrain from procrastination which is key derailing element in the course of essay writing. Whenever you procrastinate you disturb your momentum leaving little motivation to complete the essay on time. Often, students realize that time is much spent when the deadline approaches yet they have not made any significant progress in their essays. Thus, it is necessary to maintain your momentum whenever you set to write an essay fast.

Concluding Remarks

To ensure timely submissions of assignment and proper execution of non-academic responsibilities students must develop proper time management skills. Among the key basis of proper time management include fast essay writing.

Accordingly, students can write an essay fast by adhering to number of factors featured in this article. However, at times students may lack time due to a wide range of individual responsibilities impairing their ability to handle assignments on time. At such point it would be necessary to consider fast essay writing services which can offer a great relief and a way to ensure timely submission. These services are offered by qualified and experienced essay writing experts. As a result, students have the assurance of quality and original submissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I hire someone to write my essay fast?

Yes. Essay Point is an ideal destination from where you can seek help with urgent essays. Accordingly, you can place an order under the title do my essay Fast! Expert writers will take the order and ensure timely, quality and original delivery.

How long does it take to write an essay fast?

There is no set time limit for writing an essay fast. However, the timeline you take to write an essay varies subject to complexity and the relative word count. At Essay Point essay writing experts can handle an essay that is as urgent as 6 hours without compromising the quality of the essay.

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