Descriptive essay topics

Posted: March 31st, 2022

130+ Strong Descriptive Essay Topics

Descriptive Essay Topics 

Descriptive Essays are Essays that give description on a given subject. Thus, they communicate the writers’ message through describing the topic of discussion to get the readers to relate. Moreover, descriptive essays aim at hooking the readers’ mind, emotions and senses to the subject of the essay. Notably, a lot of creativity is required in writing descriptive essays as well as other factors discussed in this article to help you score excellent grades in your essay.

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Components of a descriptive essay

A good complete descriptive essay has 3 sections- Introduction, Body, Conclusion.


Since it’s the first section the reader comes across in your essay, it determines the readers’ interest in the rest of the essay. Therefore, it is important for students to bring up suspense in the introduction to hook the reader in the essay. Thus, students could begin with a question, quote, riddle, proverb or description of a situation that makes the reader want to know more about what happened next. This forms about two sentences of your introduction.

After the introductory statement, students should give a brief background that necessitates the study or brings the reader to the reason behind having this essay. Moreover, the background should be relevant and directly relating to the study. In addition, keep the background short and precise as too long text about history drives away the readers’ attention.

Finally, a good introduction paragraph ends with a thesis statement. This gives the clear summary of the main reason of the study. It is the broader version of the descriptive essay topic.


This contains the main the reason of the essay. Most important, students should have a note with the order of ideas they intend to discuss in the body paragraph. This will not only ensure flow of ideas but also enable the student include all relevant material facts.

Begin with a general topic sentence. Further, give information about the subject including descriptions that will enable the readers relate using their senses. However, avoid over exaggerating and use terms you are too conversant with. Also, too much description on one aspect may end up contradicting the idea and thus, draw away the reader’s attention.

Notably, the end of a paragraph matters as it introduces the readers to the next paragraph. Let your last line of every paragraph smoothly guide the readers to the next paragraph. This means by reading one paragraph, the reader can already anticipate what the next paragraph is likely to talk about. The student may not necessarily have the readers’ expectations in the immediate paragraph but by the end of the body the reader should understand the topic of study better. Therefore, the student may create suspense at the beginning of the body but be sure to conclude in later paragraphs.

Case study

Think of a series you enjoyed. How did the first episode end? Did you already start guessing what would be in the next episode? And your guess was not even in the immediate episode but came two episodes later?    


Conclusion summarizes the contents of the body paragraphs. Above all, include the main points in your conclusion without introducing new ideas that have not been discussed in the body. Finally, have a comprehensive statement about the topic of study, considering discussion in the body, which the reader will have in mind even long after reading your essays.

Goals of a conclusion

  • Demonstrate the relevance of the descriptive essay based on the evidence in the body paragraphs.
  • Summarize the main contents of essay.
  • Give the reader a take home from your essay.

Guidelines to writing a good descriptive essay

Writing a god descriptive essay entails proper planning. Therefore, the following are some tips to ensure you prepare well and have a high scoring descriptive essay.

  • Brainstorm. By brainstorming I mean, once you have the topic, write down a list of things or situations you may want to include in your essay. First, try describing them and see how much information you will have. Then, arrange the ides in order of importance and relevance to the topic of study. Finally, come up with a list of points you wish to discuss in your body and determine how many paragraphs each will cover so that you can already estimate the length of your essay.

For instance, if am writing an essay on my birthday party, I would want to describe the preparations in one paragraph, my outfit as well as those the guests in the next, food and drinks including the cake would be in the third paragraph. Speeches, gifts and after dancing would be in my forth paragraph.

  • Use simple language. Above all, an essay should be easily understood by the intended reader. Whenever the essay has ambiguous words, the reader gets tired of referring to the dictionary and will often not complete reading. For this reason, use terms you are well familiar with to get the reader to read your essay to conclusion. As a result, you increase your chance of scoring good grades and getting the intentions of the essay to the reader.  
  • Tap into the senses of the reader. In descriptive essays, the aim is to connect with the reader at a personal and emotional level. Therefore, describe using the smell, taste, feel, see and hear senses to command the readers’ attention.
  • Finally, be as creative as possible.

Structured Descriptive Essay Topics

Descriptive essay can be about people, places, events, animals, occupation, objects, behavior, activity, experience, adventure, science, historical events and literature. Below are example topics that students can either choose from, or get ideas on other descriptive essay topics. Moreover, students may seek assistance from essaypoint.   

Descriptive essay topics about people

  1. My best friend
  2. The worst actress in a drama series
  3. The writer of the journal “my world”
  4. Best singer at the “Got Talent” competition
  5. My favorite dancer
  6. An outstanding rapper
  7. A leader I admire
  8. The talented athlete of the year
  9. The robber
  10. My perfect companion

Descriptive essay topics about places

  1. My favorite eatery
  2. The best camp ground
  3. A dream vacation destination
  4. An experience in a thick forest
  5. My best school
  6. A day in a museum
  7. My sister’s favorite park
  8. My favorite shopping place
  9. A beautiful town
  10. The cleanest airport

Descriptive essay topics on events

  1. A memorable birthday party
  2. Her dream retirement party
  3. The worst graduation event
  4. A tragic roadshow
  5. An educative seminar
  6. My bests sports event
  7. The All-White dinner party
  8. Most fruitful fundraiser event
  9. The Talent show award ceremony
  10. The most challenging symposium

Descriptive essays of animals

  1. My childhood pet
  2. The most beautiful fish species
  3. The largest animal I have seen
  4. My worst encounter with an animal
  5. The game park experience
  6. The animal I fear the most
  7. The day of an elephant
  8. Most unique bird
  9. The pride structure of lions
  10. The birth experience of a cheetah

Descriptive essay topics on career and occupation

  1. My best job
  2. The week of a professional footballer
  3. My first flight as the pilot
  4. The process of drawing portraits
  5. Her first day at Amazon as an engineer
  6. My first time baking
  7. His brother’s hobby
  8. My favorite professor
  9. Worst experience as banker
  10. My worst job

Descriptive essay topics for objects

  1. My precious jewelry
  2. My best childhood toy
  3. The latest iPhone
  4. My car
  5. Our house
  6. The modern aircraft
  7. Our old school bus
  8. My diary
  9. The smallest house
  10. My neighbors’ bicycle

 Descriptive essay topics on behavior

  1. Courteous behaviors in an interview
  2. Common bad behavior at a dinner table
  3. Her pet peeve
  4. My most admirable character traits
  5. A displeasing act in a party
  6. His social loafing behavior
  7. Her desirable alpha effect
  8. A cruel act
  9. A polite fiction
  10. His saving face acts of kindness

Descriptive essay topics that give more on activities

  1. My first day dancing
  2. The marathon competition I participated
  3. A day in the gym
  4. My mothers’ first time riding a bicycle
  5. The fun day at the school for the deaf
  6. Best childhood activities
  7. Swimming lessons
  8. The company’s marketing trade fair
  9. The think-pair-repair exercise with my classmates
  10. Descriptive Essay writing

Descriptive essay topics based on memory and experience  

  1. My first horse ride on a warm summer evening
  2. My best childhood fairytale
  3. Childhood days with my grandparents
  4. My worst experience
  5. My first day in another country
  6. Favorite memories with my best friend
  7. My best weekend
  8. My most embarrassing situation
  9. The most scary zip lining experience
  10. My first time swimming

Nature and adventure descriptive essay topics

  1. An adventurous cruise trip
  2. A week on an Island
  3. A journey to space
  4. Most attractive destination in my country
  5. Himalayan expedition
  6. A trip to Iceland
  7. The day in the life of an astronaut
  8. A day in the caves
  9. Our visit to the desert
  10. The longest walk of my life

Descriptive essays topics on science and innovation

  1. The most expensive technology innovation
  2. The great scientist
  3. Her favorite philosopher
  4. My best scientific theory
  5. An innovation fail
  6. The most brilliant innovation
  7. The scariest innovation
  8. Adventure in science
  9. Most impactful scientific theory
  10. A superstition

Descriptive essay topics on History

  1. Julius Caesar, the leader
  2. Common Americans in the war for independence
  3. Pearl Harbor of America
  4. An experience at the museum
  5. A lesson from history
  6. Caribbean pirate
  7. The Mayflower
  8. King Napoleon of Europe
  9. Important event in History
  10. A legend in history

Descriptive essay topics on literature

  1. My favorite book
  2. An interesting article I came across
  3. My best poet
  4. An award winning poem
  5. An interesting novel
  6. My best newscaster
  7. A day with a newspaper editor
  8. A popular movie
  9. Her favorite children’s book
  10. The award winning children movie

Hopefully, the above 130 well-structured topics guide you on selecting an appropriate descriptive essay topic. Notably, students can come up with as many topics. However, do not hesitate to reach out to our experts at essaypoint. You may leave a comment for us on the effectiveness of this essay to you, we will really appreciate. 

How to Review your Descriptive Essay

After writing your descriptive essay, it is important to carry out a review. Below are important aspects in your review

  • Whether your thesis statement relates to the essay
  • In addition, confirm your essay vividly applies descriptive language
  • Your essay ends with a clincher statement
  • Clear flow of ideas and transition from one paragraph to another
  • Moreover, ensure each section focuses on a particular aspect
  • Also, check whether your essay has enough details that your readers understand clearly the idea you are communicating
  • Assume you are the reader and you just came across the descriptive essay, is it interesting to you? Does it communicate effectively on the subject matter? Are you interested in reading the rest of the essay from the beginning? Notably, you may also give a third party to read before you submit and get feedback which will help you make necessary alterations.

Alternatively, essaypoint have professionals who are excellent in not only helping you come up with a topic but also offer essay writing services. Reach out and get your essay reviewed to your satisfaction for better grades.

Frequently asked Questions in writing descriptive essay topics

How do I begin my descriptive essay?

Descriptive essays apply creativity thus, students may begin with rhetoric question, quote, bold statement or a descriptive statement that grabs the reader’s attention and makes them curious to want to read more

What is my main focus as write a descriptive essay?

Generally, the main aim of descriptive essays is to enable a reader to picture the subject matter in their mind. This enables the reader to connect and relate to the matter of discussion.

How is a descriptive essay different from a narrative essay?

A descriptive essay gives intense description about the subject while narrative essays aim at giving complete stories.

Final Thought

It is our hope at essaypoint that our articles are helpful to students. In addition, students should plan on the points to discuss in their descriptive essay before writing a final copy. Review is equally important in ensuring students correct simple errors for better grades. All the best as you write your descriptive essay. Finally, reach out to essaypoint for assistance.


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