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Posted: April 13th, 2022

Guide on Essay Writing Format

Essay Writing 

Most student think that composing an essay simply involve composing ideas on the particular study topic. However, this is not the case since essays must conform to essay writing format to ensure proper flow of ideas and presentation of information. As a reminder, in case you are seeking essay writing help you can reach out to essay writing experts at essay point and get the necessary assistance. We deliver quality, original and timely essays at a relatively low cost. Reach out to our experts and get the much needed help.

Essay Writing Format

Since essays are common assignments in higher institutions of learning it is essential to learn key elements related to essay writing. In our previous article we provide a review on tips for writing a good essay and the types of essays. Under this article, we provide a review of the essay writing format that student should adhere to while writing essays. 

Parts of an Essay

Academic essay writing format feature three key parts; introduction, body and conclusion. However, it is this structure is subject to changes in accordance with the assignment instructions. Thus, we advise students to adapt flexibility whenever undertaking an essay assignment. Though in most circumstances essays will assume a structure composed of the three parts. Consequently, every part features specific elements and play a specific role in the essay projects.


The introduction is the first the section of an essay.  Subsequent to its position, the introduction should give an idea of what is to be featured in the essay. Accordingly, it should give of a background study of the subject under review that is the bone of contention on a particular issue. Additionally, the introduction should motivate the audience to read the essay. To meet these purposes the introduction should feature several factors including;

  • Hook to initiate the interest of the readers on the topic of study. This serves as the motivating factor.
  • Background information on the topic of study.
  • Provide an idea on the main point being featured in the essay

What should be included in the three elements of an introduction?

The three elements of the introduction section should feature specific elements to help them attain their purpose in an essay assignment.


The hook is a single sentence which serves the sole purpose to grab the attention of the reader. Accordingly, the hook sentence should feature an element that will attract the reader’s attention. Some attracting strategies include using;

  • A question to brain storm the readers mind on a certain issue
  • Facts on the topic of study
  • Statistics to outline the gravity of a particular issue.
  • A quote

In a similar manner, students should refrain from using dictionary definitions and generalized statements as the hooks within an essay.

Background information on the topic of study

Having identified the hook to the essay topic provide background information on the essay topic to help readers understand the subject of review on the essay. Subsequently, this section should feature the key ideas on the topic of study while narrowing down to establish the thesis statement. The key purpose of this section is to narrow down from a broad explanation of the topic to a specific aspect that will be the subject of the essay.

Thesis Statement

This is the most important section of an essay. It is the statement upon which the essay develops. Accordingly, thesis statement provides a summary of the key argument in an essay revealing the argument that readers should see in the body section. Relative to this definition, thesis statement is not a mere statement but an argument that is the key basis of the essay. Subsequently, this argument will be defended using evidence in the body section. Often students fail their essays because they lack the capacity to develop good thesis statements. Basically, thesis statement is at the core of the essay writing structure. Thesis statement should be the last line of the introduction section. A good thesis statement should feature a number of elements including;

  • Specific
  • Concise
  • Accurate
  • Focused

Owing to the importance of thesis statement in determining the score of an essay project it is essential to facilitate competence in thesis statement writing. Consequently, students should review thesis statement samples to capture the idea of formulating a viable thesis statement.

How long should the introduction section of an essay be?

The length of the introduction of an essay is reliant on the instruction and the word count of the entire essay project. For example, while handling 1000 word essay it is commendable to have a relatively small introduction approximately 100 words. However it would be absurd to have the introduction covering half of the entire essay. Accordingly, the length of an introduction section should be roughly 10-15% of the entire essay.

Body Section

The key role of the body section is to provide evidence in support of the thesis statement. It is essential to ensure that the thesis statement is providing a viable response to the essay questions. This helps students to meet the requirements of the essay assignment. Since the body sections features several supporting arguments, the body section is often arranged in paragraphs with every paragraph featuring one particular supporting argument. The paragraphs of an essay should conform to a particular format.

The Format of a Paragraph

Essay paragraphs should feature four key elements; topic sentence, supporting evidence, analysis and transition.

Topic Sentence

This is the first sentence of every paragraph featured in the body section of an essay. Being the first sentence topic sentences state the idea within under review in the particular paragraph. Accordingly, topic sentences should provide the reader with a clue of what is featured in an essay. Similar to the thesis statement, topic sentences are not simply statements but debatable points whose justification is developed through evidence. Additionally, topic sentences should be specific and focused to ensure clarity of the argument being developed in a paragraphs.


This part presents the proof in defense of the topic sentence and the thesis statement. Evidence can be presented from a number of sources including either in paraphrased form or statistics from studies while presenting facts. Also, evidence can incorporate descriptions of particular events to reinforce the argument of the essay. Accordingly, evidence should be accompanied by references outlining the source of the information featured in the essay.


Subsequent to the meaning of the name, analysis provide an interpretation of the evidence linking it both to the topic sentence and the thesis statement. In simple terms, analysis provides a discussion of the evidence seeking to convince the reader on a particular stance.


Lastly, paragraphs should feature transition which ensures flow within an essay by connecting one paragraph to the other. Thus, transition words are essential since they ensure that paragraphs connect to each other. Transitions should be featured at the beginning of a paragraph to alert the reader on the change of focus. In addition to transition words, essay paragraphs should assume logical organization such that it is easy to track the progress of ideas within the essay.  


The conclusion is the last elements in essay writing format. Accordingly, it is the last paragraph in any essay project. Being the last section in an essay write-up the conclusion has two key function; summarizing the key points in the essay and the outlining the significance of essay argument.

Summarizing key points if the essay

Being the concluding section, students should provide a summary of their main points on the conclusion section reminding the reads the argument of the essay. However, students should refrain from rewriting the elements featured in the introduction and essay section. Subsequently, the summary in the conclusion should feature a different structuring from that adopted in the essay. Also, students should abstain from introducing new ideas in the conclusion section. Instead they should only feature the points reviewed in the essay.

Significance of the essay

The significance section basically reviews the reason why the argument matters. This is a very commendable way for concluding an essay. Accordingly, students can use their argument to make a prediction or nurture the attention of readers to adopt your argument.

This article provides detailed review of the essay writing format. As a result, students can use it as a guideline to identify the requirements at different section of the essay. Additionally, essay point experts offer essay writing services. In the instance that a student lacks the time and or ability to handle an essay assignment, he or she can liaise with our experts at essay point to access the needed help. To gain more insight on our services, review our essay writing services article.

Frequently asked questions about essay writing format

Must all essays conform to the three element essay writing format; introduction, body and conclusion?

As identified earlier this format is not cast on a stone. Instead it is flexible and subject to changes in the instruction accompanying an essay assignment. Thus, essay assignment instructions should be the key guiding principle in determining whether to adopt this essay structure or not. However, most essays will conform to the three sections essay writing format.

How should one distribute the length of an essay among the three the sections identified in the essay writing format?

Often tutors will not offer a guideline outlining the number of words to include in every section of an essay. However, they will give a word count for the entire essay. Regarding, the distribution of these words, the introduction should contain 10-15% of the word count similar to the conclusion. Thus, the body covers the large section of the essay accounting for at least 70% of the entire essay length.

Is it mandatory for essays to have a thesis statement?

Yes, every essay should have a thesis statement. Thesis statement is very important in any essay since it guides readers on what an essay entails. Actually, it is the as the footprint of an essay. Thus, it is mandatory to have it in an essay.

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