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Posted: March 27th, 2022

Essay writing help

Essay Point Essay writing Help Website

Essay Point offers the best essay writing help services. Accordingly, you can connect with essay experts who will offer any kind of assistance related to essay writing. The site has been relatively competitive in offering assistance in high school, college and university essays.  

Our competence can be evaluated through the rating score which has basis on customer reviews. The rating scores are generated by accredited sites such as Trust pilot, Google Review and Site jabber. Make sure to familiarize yourself with our record, before placing an order.

Accordingly, you have an assurance of quality delivery. Additionally, most of our clients often come back in demand of more services relative to our ability to meet their demands. Alongside our commitment to ensure client satisfaction we have adopted several practices that serve as the guiding principles in our service delivery.

Guiding Principles in Deliver of Essay Writing Help Services

We offer essay writing help services with the sole aim of meeting client demands. To ensure the attainment of this goals we offer our services on these basis;

Original and Unique Write-ups

Developing unique and original essays is our fundamental principle. Accordingly, Essay Point does not condone academic dishonesty. Thus, our writers have the mandate to deliver unique and plagiarism-free projects. To further ensure that hired writers have the capacity to deliver original work, essay point subjects all applicants to a rigorous test where only qualified writers get hired. Furthermore, essay point offer intensive training to its writers to improve their competence in the delivery of original content. The key basis of training on essay originality include;

  • Paraphrasing
  • Citations formats (MLA, APA, HARVARD, Chicago, and Oscola)
  • In-text citation and referencing

Paraphrasing involves the act of presenting information acquired from a secondary source in one’s own words. Subsequently, writers should not change the meaning nor the notion of the author from whom they seek to borrow information. Instead, they should present the same message in their own words.

Given that they have borrowed the particular information, an in-text citation should be offered to acknowledge the original author. Consequently, essay papers should feature a reference page outlining the sources of the presented information. Most importantly, both referencing and in text-citations should conform to the recommended citation format.

In cases where students lack the competence to deliver original work they often fall victim to penalties related to plagiarism. This may include zero scores in their essay project or suspension from the institutions. Accordingly, this can be a detrimental effect in one’s academic life. To avoid such challenges pay for essays at essay point and get an original project crafted from scratch.  

Qualified Writers

 The capacity of our team to deliver quality work develop alongside hiring qualified writers based on three key aspects; academic qualification, specialization and competence in academic writing. To begin with all writers must have attained university education. Thus all our writers are graduates with Msc graduates having an upper hand for selection to our team. Accordingly, Msc graduate form 70% of our writing team. Secondly, a writer should be specialized in a particular niche more so their area of study. These helps to categorize writers subject to their expertise. Lastly, writer’s competence is evaluated based on their ability to present academic work. This evaluation involves a test in their field of specialization. Only the writers who qualify get enrolled in our team. Subsequently, the competence of our writers serve as an assurance of quality delivery to our clients.

Proper Adherence to Client Instructions

Good performance in essay project is not solely reliant on originality. Meeting the requirements of any essay project also play a key role in influencing the score of an essay project. In fact, tutors use the instructions to determine where students fulfilled the requirements of the essay. Consequently, students who fail to meet the instructions earn a poor grade since they did not perform the task as expected. On the other hand, meeting given instructions gives students an upper hand improving their grades in essay assignments.

Aware of the benefits related to meeting given instructions, our essay writing help practices commit to ensure that we meet every single bit of instructions. In line with this commitment, we urge our client to input as much details as possible when filling the order form to help us meet their demand and adopt the right approach while writing assigned projects. This facilitates the attainment of high scores by students.

At times tutors present challenging demands in essay projects. This impairs student capacity to meet them in the right manner leading to poor performance. However, students have the autonomy to outsource help through essay writing services that give them access to experts who can handle any essay irrespective of the complexity. We seek to fill the gap whenever students feel incompetent to handle their essay projects.

Timely Delivery

Limited time and immense commitments are the key factors that trigger the demand for essay writing help services. Accordingly, students may feel that the time allocated for a particular essay project is relatively minimal to oversee its completion. Additionally, they might be caught up in other commitment leaving them with limited time to handle assigned essays. Lastly, students might be late to submit their project and thus the projects become relatively urgent.

In the presence of these challenges, essay writing help services may be the fundamental solution. Accordingly, students have the assurance of timely and quality delivery upon seeking essay writing services. This extends to very urgent projects. By placing an order under the title “Do my essay ASAP!!” you will get our attention and the project will be allocated under the fast essay writing section to ensure timely completion. However, we always encourage students to avoid last minute rush since at times it might be too late to handle a project. Consequently, this presents a significant risk of failure. Additionally, students should ensure to identify the proper timeline within which they require their project to be complete. Essay point writers work alongside this timeline and thus wrong time allocation may impair their ability to deliver quality and timely work.

Unlimited free revisions and money back guarantee

Upon reviewing submissions, students might identify the need to improve particular aspects. Accordingly, we offer free revisions seeking to improve areas of weakness. This aligns with our belief that every students must get the relative value for their money. In extreme cases where the selected writer lacks the capacity to meet client expectations then clients are entitled for a refund. Thus, clients have the assurance that our writers have the commitment to attain their demands and if not they will get a refund. Our level of trust has also been a key motivation for students to continually seek our services. The motivation develops alongside the trust that we will meet their demands.


While seeking our services we put key measures in place to ensure that client details are safe and not accessible by unauthorized persons. Accordingly, we perform frequent security and maintenance checks on our online website to regulate the risk of cyber-attack on out sites. Additionally, we take key measures to ensure that tutors do not have the potential to identify that a student sought support from us with their assignments. Subsequently, we create an account from which students can interact with experts handling their project. This offers them a chance to gain adequate understanding of the project. Thus, students are well versed with the details and the approach adopted in the project. In line with these measures, we assure students of their confidentiality as they seek to work with us.  

Cheap costs for our services

To improve the ability of most students to afford our services we have tailored our prices to make them as cheap as possible. In addition to regulating the cost of our services, we offer a range of services for free which further helps to lower the cost of our essay writing help services. For the following sections students do not incur any cost since Essay Point offers them for free;

  • Abstract
  • Formatting
  • Title page
  • Table of content
  • In-text citations and referencing
  • Appendix section
  • Similarity report
  • Free revisions

These services account for about 65$, but Essay Point offer them free of charge to improve students capacity to afford essay writing help services. Lastly, we offer a wide range of discounts to further lower the cost. Thus any student who seek to access cheap essays writing services should consider essay point as the most viable platform from which to seek help. Despite maintaining cheap prices we offer high quality services with a commitment to deliver high grades to students.

Essay Point Services?

Essay point offers a wide range of services in three broad categories paper work, course work and other assignment. Paper work category encompasses most of our services including;  

  • Essay writing help services
  • Research paper writing services
  • Dissertation writing
  • Capstone writing
  • Thesis writing
  • Annotated bibliography
  • Article review
  • Case study
  • Literature review
  • Literal analysis
  • Term papers

Coursework mostly encompasses homework assignment in subjects that do not accommodate paper work. These include;

  • Mathematics assignment
  • Physics assignment
  • Biology assignments
  • Chemistry assignments
  • Engineering assignments
  • Lab reports
  • Geography assignment

Lastly, we have short answer multiple answer questions under other projects category.

How to hire experts from essay point

By placing an order at essay point, you automatically hire an expert to handle a project on your behalf. Our experienced writers further proceed to custom essays as per the given instructions. How do I place an order at essay point? This takes place in three key steps;

Filling the order form

As identified earlier, meeting the instruction is key to ensure the attainment of the highest possible score in a project. Accordingly, students have the mandate to input instructions for their projects. This includes attachments outlining the requirements of the essay and the timeline within which the project should be complete.

Writer selection

Secondly, essay point offer clients the autonomy to select their preferred writer. Here a student can select the category of the writer who will handle the project or an individual writer.

Make a deposit

Upon undertaking the prior steps, the cost of the project appears automatically. Here client make a deposit to their accounts upon which the project will begin. Relative to our commitment to ensure client satisfaction, the money is withheld in the account until a client checks the attainment of the requirements. In the event that client demands are not fulfilled, then the client is entitled to a refund.

Check submissions and release the payment

Lastly, an alert is given upon submission of the project to the clients email. Subsequently, students should confirm the attainment of their demands. Whenever particular elements appear to be missing or presented in a weak manner clients have the autonomy to demand edits. Accordingly, we offer free and timely revisions to ensure that client the attainment of client demand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost of essay writing help?

The cost of an essay assignment is dependent on a number of factors with the key aspects being; timeline and length (wordcount). Since urgent and lengthy papers demands more commitment, they attract high costs. On the contrary, short papers and papers with extensive timeline attract cheaper prices. Thus, there is no specific cost that is set for essay writing services instead the cost is dependent on varying factors.

Where can I get urgent essay writing help?

Essaypoint is the most ideal website from which to seek fast essay writing services. We have in place special essay writers who have the capacity to handle essays within a relative limited time as low as 3 hours. Consequently, do not hesitate to reach out and get expertise help within the fastest time possible.

Will I get a good essay if I seek help with writing essay?

Definitely. Essay writing help I offered by competent and experience essay writers who seek to help clients attain academic excellence by submitting quality, timely and authentic work. Accordingly, you have the assurance that upon seeking our essay writing services you will get a high score in your assignment.

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