Essay writing services

Posted: March 25th, 2022

Essay writing services

Essay Writing Services

Aware of student challenges, essay point seeks to offer the much needed support to students to ensure that they pursue and excel in all responsibilities they undertake alongside their higher academics. Essay point extends a hand of support to students through online essay writing services. Accordingly, we help students to handle their assignments and to ensure the high scores in assigned projects. How is this possible? Essay point encompasses a pool of skilled and experienced essay writers whose competence has been verified to guarantee clients quality delivery. Subsequently, our team essays for any education level ensuring the delivery of plagiarism-free work.  

How can I Access Essay Writing Services from Essay Point?

Our essay writing services are just a click away. To access our experts place an order under the title write my essay. Following the place an order option is a section to input project instructions. Since essay point experts custom essays relative to the instructions given, we encourage students to provide as much information as possible under the instruction section. This helps to meet client demands and to ensure quality delivery as per client instructions. Clients further proceed to select their preferred writer category to whom the project will be assigned upon posting. By completely undertaking these steps you will successfully hire someone to write your essay. Being one of the most competent essay writing services provider, clients have the assurance of quality and timely delivery. Place an order with us to attain high scores in your academic projects.

Why entrust essay point to handle your essay?

In the presence of a wide range of options for essay writing services, students might wonder, which is the best site to entrust my essay with? The quality of service delivery serves as the most viable basis for determining the most reliable essay writing services providers. At essay point we have the client satisfaction as our fundamental goal. Accordingly our working principles develop alongside the need and desire to meet client demands. These principles oversee quality delivery and client satisfaction. To illustrate the principles include;

Certified and Competent Writers

To affirm our assurance for quality delivery to clients, we subject all writers to rigorous tests hiring only those who pass these particular tests. Additionally, all writers must be graduates from the institutions of higher learning holding either a BA, MA or PhD degrees. However, most of the writers are MA graduates. In addition to the selection process, we offer frequent training to help maintain their competence and to improve on their areas of weakness. Relative to these efforts we assure our clients of high scores in any project they assign us to handle on their behalf.


Secondly, we treat client information with utmost confidentiality limiting its access form unauthorized persons. Our data security protocol is highly sophisticated and thus we have the assurance that client information is safe. Also, we custom essays in a simple manner that is easy for students to understand and defend in class presentations. Hired experts work closely with students to ensure they are familiar with the content featured in an essay.


Being a key challenge in modern academics we don’t tolerate plagiarism. As a result, all writers have the mandate to deliver original work whose originality is subject to review by essay point editorial team prior to submission to the students. To further ascertain our originality principle we submit assigned projects alongside a similarity report confirming the originality of the work done. Accordingly, students have the assurance of unique essay whenever they seek help from essay writers.

Adherence to given instructions

As identified earlier, essay point experts custom essays alongside client instructions. Thus every single project has a unique approach subsequent to client instructions. Meeting client demands has been our key basis of competence.

Favorable Pricing

Since essay point seeks to offer a helping hand to students, our prices are relatively low to ensure that students can afford our services. Additionally, we offer discounts in the presence of big projects more so dissertations and thesis projects.

Timely Delivery

Given that most students seek essay writing services to ensure timely completion of their assignments, we have the commitment to submit assigned orders within the timeline given by the client. Essay point writers are also competent to custom essays within a short time period. Thus students should seek help whenever there is little time to the submission deadline using the phrase do my essay ASAP!

24/7 customer support

To ensure timely attendance to client concerns we have a support team that is available around the clock. Thus clients can present any concern at any time. Furthermore, we have developed an interface within which a client can interact with the preferred writer. This helps maintain track on the progress of the project.

Money back guarantee

Even though we believe in our capacity to deliver quality work, we do refund client money whenever he or she is not satisfied by the work done. However, this is the last option following free revisions. Accordingly, clients can demand a revision on the work done to improve on areas that he feels are not perfect. The revision is free since we possess the responsibility to ensure quality delivery and we have the commitment to offer utmost client satisfaction.

How do Essay Point Writers Handle your Project?

At essay point we follow the steps below to ensure that assigned projects meet the utmost quality and have the capacity to attain the highest score possible.

  1. Upon receiving an order, our essay writers review client instructions ensuring that nothing is missing.

In case additional information is needed, clients are contacted through provided personal details.

  • After validating the instructions, the writers further proceed to undertake research on the topic of interest. Accordingly, they review accredited literature while making short notes.
  • With reference to client instructions and the knowledge acquired from the review of existing literature the writers proceed to make an outline. An outline is basically the identification of the main points to review in an essay.
  • Following the Outline is a draft upon which writers incorporate information and sources on the outline made in the prior step.
  • Lastly, writers compose the final essay through incorporation of all section of an essay including the reference page. To ensure flow and attainment of client instructions, writers have the mandate to proofread the complete work. This helps to collect any existing mistakes and ensuring proper structure and flow among featured points.
  • Upon completion, the project moves to the editing team. The team reviews the project seeking to review the attainment of two factors; originality of the project and the fulfilment of client instructions.
  • Following the review the projects are submitted to clients upon which they undertake their individual review of the project. In cases where clients feel the need for improvement, we offer free revisions.

Due to our commitment in fulfilling our responsibility, we have ranked among the most competent essay writing platforms. Place an order with us to gain access to this expertise help.

Final Thought

Most essay writing services are economic based and thus they seek to improve their client base with an aim to increase profitability. However, at essay point we have a different source of motivation that is; client satisfaction. Accordingly, our customers are our first priority and meeting their demand is our key responsibility. As a result, we ensure that assigned projects get handled by the most competent writers who possess the capacity to meet all instructions.  Additionally, we have originality as a key guiding principle in our essay writing services. This helps to ensure that all custom essays for each order are original and unique inline with provided instructions.

 In line with the identified factors, students should not hesitate to place an order since they have the assurance of high quality deliveries and high scores in their projects. We have further enacted an editorial team in our firm to ensure compliance with set instructions and originality of done projects.

Frequently Asked Questions on Essay Writing Services

Are essay writing services limited to any particular subjects?

At essay point we offer essay writing services for all subjects within all education categories that is; high school, college, bachelors, masters and PhD essays.

How do you ensure originality in your essay writing services?

Essay point does not tolerate academic theft. Subsequent to this policy we utilize plagiarism checking tools to ensure that all orders are original. Additionally, we offer specialized training to our writers to improve their competence in delivering original work.

Can I ask for improvements if my essay is not professionally done?

Absolutely! We have the commitment to deliver quality work and we seek to meet client demands. In instances where client demands are not met, we offer free revision to satisfy client demands. 

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