Narrative essay topics

Posted: April 4th, 2022

205+ Best Narrative Essay Topics and Ideas

Narrative Essay Topics

Narrative essays communicate a given message in a story. Pensively, our team of experts at essaypoint came up with this article to see you write best narrative essays to attain good grades. In general, narrative essays should have elements of an interesting story which include plot, characters, the setting and concludes with the climax. Also, they allow flexibility in that, the narrator can tell their own personal experiences or those of other people. Let’s learn further on Narrative Essay Topics Writing. Regardless of your academic level, below are unique, well-structured sample topics for an excellent Narrative Essay.   

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Choosing an appropriate narrative essay topic

  • Begin with pre-writing. This will help you come up with a two or three topics you are likely to choose. Consequently, write main points on each and see which one you find more interest in. In order to have a creative narrative essay, students need to enjoy discussing the story. This will ensure they tell of events in details to get readers attention. 
  • Ensure the narration is relevant to the topic of study. Remember, the aim of narrative essays is to communicate in a story thus, let your narration have significance.
  • In as much as you have freedom to apply stylistic devices literature, adhere to the structure of having an introduction, then body and conclude with conclusion. Therefore, ensure you can have the three parts for your topic.
  • Depending on your target audience, make your topics easy and relatable. Since narrative essays are written at all levels of the academic ladder, students should make sure the target readers understand the essay.
  • In addition, choose styles you are most comfortable with. Some students are good at reflecting while others can tell long stories better. With this in mind, students are able to establish which topics they can best handle.

Excellent Narrative essay topics for High School students 

Below are a couple of topics for a high school student’s narrative essay. However, students should be as creative as possible and not just limit their thoughts to just the given topics. You will concur with me that you have experiences that you would tell so well to not only earn you good grades but also give a lesson to the reader of your essay. Nevertheless, experts at essaypoint are ready to assist you through any task regarding your essay reach out to us for quality, thoroughly done and perfectly structured essay projects.

  • My first experience playing murder mystery
  • How we came up with best creative project
  • A tragic accident at cross the line contest in school
  • The Obstacle Course Relay competition in school
  • How my best friend and I coincidentally met
  • The first day in my school
  • My first experience consuming alcohol and the effects
  • How Math’s became my favorite subject
  • A day curiosity nearly killed me
  • An unnecessary fight I got into
  • An incident as a result of my disobedience
  • A prank on my friend on fool’s day
  • An incident that made me to discover my talent
  • The punishment I will never forget
  • My most memorable school trip

Best Narrative essay Topics for College and University Students

College environment exposes students to different experiences. Often, it is in college, where most students get to interact with others from very diverse backgrounds. Owing to this, student’s minds have a broader perspective to write advanced narrative essay topics than those of high school students. However, even with the right topic, students may encounter challenges writing their narrative essays like lack of enough time. Whichever the case, relax, you can always reach out to experts at essaypoint to get your project done perfectly and in record time.  Below are perfect example topics for college students

  • A disagreement I had with my Professor and why
  • A story behind my choice to change my initial course
  • The reason behind my focus in studies
  • The best discovery from a research I conducted
  • My worst experience on a research I did
  • The most memorable event in my college life
  • The most embarrassing encounter of my life
  • The summary story of my favorite novel
  • A movie I would watch over and over
  • An emotional incident
  • My experience composing my first poem
  • An award winning article I wrote and the impact on my life
  • Best surprise to a friend
  • How I overcame my fear
  • An incident that strengthened the bond with my parents

Narrative Essay topics on Morals, Ethics and Dilemma

This are narrative essays that talk of ethics in the society and are often challenging for the victims to decide on.

  • An unintentional offense I took part in
  • The most difficult choice I had to make
  • A cowardice act
  • A justified rebellious act
  • An instance law was overlooked
  • An immoral action that saved the day
  • A day I made a bad decision to adhere to law
  • A lie I told to pull a perfect prank on my friend
  • The day I took a blame for my sister
  • A punishment I did not deserve
  • An instance I had to shift blame to an innocent person
  • An instance I had to fight back
  • Positive results of eavesdropping from a situation I experienced
  • An encounter with a bully
  • A decision I regret

Narrative Essay Topics on Talents, Hobbies and Interests

Certainly, we all enjoy watching people practices their hobbies, talents and interests very flawlessly. That musician who can think of a new song and perform it in real time without struggling, that famous footballer we all cannot wait to see player, the artist whose work is known worldwide. This and many more would make very interesting narrative essay topics. However, some of the best talents have the worst experiences and beginning. Do you know some?  Would you want to narrate such a story? Why don’t you read through the examples below, your next essay topic could be no.5 who knows!

  • How I left my most prestigious job to pursue my talent
  • The first meeting with my manager
  • The mistake that made me discover my talent
  • An instance I made a huge loss
  • How I manage to strike the balance between my talent and my studies
  • The first day I made profit from my hobby
  • A mistake that cost me my talent
  • The greatest motivation to pursue my interests
  • What I enjoy most about my talent
  • My worst experience while practicing my hobby
  • An instance I lost an award I had desired in talent competition
  • How my talent got me arrested
  • The best decision I ever made regarding my talent
  • My parents influence on my hobby
  • How education had influence on my talent

Cultural Narrative Essay topics

Learning different cultural practices around the world is fascinating to most people. Notably, the diversity of cultures all over the world gives a narrator limitless range of options to choose from in giving a cultural narrative essay. Thus, such essay not only entertain readers but also open them to new experiences they probably knew nothing about. Most important, culture does not only limit students to practices done by community as you can write about your own practices or those of your nuclear family.  A well-informed cultural narrative essay therefore, will see students attain excellent grades and grab the readers’ attention just from the topic. Check the list of example topics below

  • My best family tradition
  • The most unique tradition
  • An embarrassing situation due to a culture I did not know
  • A culture change due to change in times and generations
  • The worst cultural tradition encounter
  • My best and worst traditional food
  • Our cultural heritage
  • One cultural practice in my community I would change and why
  • A cultural practice from my community I would wish every community adapts and why
  • How learning my culture influenced the person  I am
  • My favorite cultural story
  • My best culture festival
  • First experience in a foreign land
  • Worst cultural stereotype experience
  • My struggle learning a different culture

Childhood Narrative Essay Topics

Owing to the fact that we all were children, there are numerous narrative essay topics from our unique childhood experiences. Below are interesting ideas on topics you may choose for your essay from your childhood life.

  • My childhood phobia
  • The first day in school
  • My first teacher
  • An embarrassing instance from a recording on my parents laptop
  • A summary of my childhood diary
  • The first award I worn
  • My favorite childhood adventure
  • A near death encounter during childhood
  • An act kindness from a child
  • A lie I believed in growing up
  • My first time cooking
  • The beating I will never forget
  • My first bicycle
  • My best gift to dad
  • The most emotional experience in my childhood

Personal Narrative Essay Topics

Generally, Narrative Essays are personal since they involve experiences of the writer. However, this section gives examples of narrative essays that touch on the personal life of an individual that is often not known to many people. Thus, example of areas covered include relationships, strengths, weaknesses, businesses and other topics one may consider private. Uniquely, one may write a personal narrative essay for the purpose of informing their audience on subjects not commonly talked about.

  • A bad betrayal experience
  • Our family business
  • The influence of my father on my life
  • Bad decision I made due to negative influence
  • My first crush
  • My first $ 100 pay cheque
  • The best investment I ever made
  • The golden chance I missed out on
  • An encounter with a con person
  • My experience with kidnappers
  • A turning point in my life
  • My  most memorable conversation
  • A robbery attack incident at work
  • The biggest achievement in my life
  • The first speech I made in front of  live audience

Narrative Essay topics on travelling and adventure

Holidays and trips are correspondingly important to most people as work and studied. Therefore, having a narrative essay topic on an adventurous experience will have more readers interested in the essay. Also, students will have a couple of experiences to include in the essay for such topics, thus attain better grades. The following are examples of topics from experiences of our experts at essaypoint. Reach out to essaypoint for any assistance in your essay project. 

  • The visit to Smithsonian National Museum
  • My first trip to Africa
  • A trip to the Great Canyon with my friends
  • Vacation in the Bahamas
  • An experience at the Taj Mahal
  • The first Japanese Cuisine dinner
  • The most embarrassing situation in a foreign country
  • My first train ride
  • The first family vacation I recall
  • How I witnessed an accident at the sea
  • My first attempt to use a parachute
  • The experience of losing my luggage at the airport
  • The longest trip of my life
  • My dream destination experience
  • My most adventurous vacation

Narrative Essay Topics on Behavior, Character and Personality

Since Narrative Essays aim at educating and informing readers on a particular message in an entertaining way, having a topic on behavior, character and personality will achieve this goal. Therefore, the following examples will best guide students to excellent narrative essay topics.

  • An instance when patience bore fruits
  • How self-control earned me the opportunity of a lifetime
  • How good leadership skills landed me a promotion
  • An instance where being risk-averse was counter productive
  • The silly joke I fell for
  • An expensive risk I took
  • The most embarrassing behavior by a child in public
  • The most altruistic person at work
  • An instance I had to resolve a conflict between my friends
  • An instance I told a lie to cover someone
  • How I got to reconnect with an old friend
  • First time meeting my friends parents
  • A moment I had to choose between close friends
  • A friend I met on internet
  • My first meeting with friends I had made on internet

Narrative Essay topics on Technology, Innovation and Science

In present day, technology and innovation are part of our lives. Thus, having an essay on an advancement and shedding light on how most items we use came to be will have readers glued to your narrative essay. However, essays in such topics require the narrator to have facts which may require students to seek assistance from essaypoint. Below are perfect narrative essay topics on technological advancement.

  • How sharing personal life on social media ended my sisters’ career
  • How the internet influenced my business idea
  • The benefits of a concept I learnt from Google
  • An instance social media advice resulted to death
  • How company ABC rose from $1 billion loss
  • The day social media saved my father’s life
  • How the internet enabled my architect friend win an award
  • The story behind invention of automobile
  • How modern day mobile phones came to be
  • The mistake that led to the best innovation in agriculture
  • How technology aided detectives in arresting the most wanted thief
  • The first day I made income from the internet
  • How I was conned on the internet
  • How surrogacy begun
  • The first DNA testing

Historical Narrative Essay Topics

History is made with each passing day. Therefore, having narrative essay topics on history will inform readers of events they may not be away of. Check the following narrative essay topics on history.

  • A legendary deed
  • The great leader
  • The patriotic citizen
  • A selfish leader
  • How ignorance cost a nation
  • Effects of corruption on a nation
  • Origin of the name Mt. Everest
  • How our country’s territorial boundaries were determined
  • How Lake Mackay hare-wallaby became extinct
  • The selfish leader
  • A revolutionary leader
  • The origin of art
  • Origin of democracy in our country
  • How the British Rule came to an end in India
  • The origin of architecture

Narrative Essay Topics on Sports and Physical activity

Whether you actively play a particular sport or enjoy watching and cheering, we all can attest to the fact that sports refresh our minds. As a student, you are advised to take part in sports, to remain healthy. However, to a good number of young adults, sports are hobbies and talents which most take part in without difficulties. Whichever the case, students may have some interesting narrative essay topics on sports which include the following

  • My favorite sport
  • A sport I dislike and why
  • How I broke my leg while playing
  • Our coach
  • The worst competition we took part in
  • How we got our games kits
  • The best win by our team
  • A match I enjoyed watching
  • How baseball became popular in Asia
  • The origin of major reforms and rules in football
  • My favorite soccer player
  • How I learnt Yoga
  • Why I quit hockey
  • The first women club in football
  • Why I left my former club

Narrative Essay Topics from Literature and Film

A good narrative essay topic may be informed by a book, article, journal, biography or documentary a student went through. In that case, below are relevant sample topics for students

  • Best novel
  • My favorite movie
  • My first day at the cinema
  • Most recent novel I read about
  • An informative speech I heard
  • The best pacesetter gift
  • A story from my favorite childhood storybook
  • The movie “Mean Girls”
  • The film “Salt”
  • My favorite autobiography
  • The film “I am Sam”
  • A biography I like
  • The documentary “Solitary Nation”
  • A poem I presented
  • How I composed a song

Unique narrative essay topics include

Even with well-structured topics above, there could be other narrative essays about unique or extra ordinary events including

  • The most memorable dream
  • A story from social media I connected with
  • The best survival story
  • Unique talent
  • The brightest child
  • Most scary activity
  • Best rescue story
  • An unimaginable invention
  • A day I would want to relive
  • Most scary moment of my life
  • A near death game during childhood

How to write a good narrative essay

Certainly, we have gone through the process of choosing an appropriate narrative essay topic and examples of relevant topics, we need to look at how to classify your narrative essay as excellent. However, I would recommend students to check our previous articles on writing a good essay as well as descriptive essay topics.

  • Choose a topic you are comfortable with and well informed about. Narrative essay are more about informing the reader what the student best knows therefore, ensure you are aware of the topic.
  • Adhere to the structure of essay writing which is introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • Since narrative essay about narrations, avoid merely stating events and actually narrate.
  • Have a lesson from the narration given or a take home to the reader that you drew from the narrative essay.
  • Arrange your flow of events and ideas to enable the reader to easily understand you. In as much as you need to create suspense throughout your essay, be sure to be orderly and complete all the thoughts you introduce.
  • Avoid over exaggeration that portrays your essay as unrealistic.
  • Proof read to correct grammatical errors you may have made.
  • You may choose to give a third party, a friend or a professional at essaypoint, to go through your essay before you submit and get genuine feedback.  

Finally, do not fail your essay paper due to lack of time or complexity of the task when you can place your order with usnowand save yourself the headache.

Frequently asked Questions about Narrative Essays

How do I select a good narrative essay topic?

Many students get stuck on what to write about in their narrative essays. First, consider the instructions given. You may find some guidelines on a topic for example, write a narrative essay on an adventurous trip you had. This already dictates that the essay should be on trips. However, if you have to decide by yourself, establish what interests you most that you can best write about. Have at least three topic concerning your subject of interest. Then write major points of discussion in the essay and choose the one you are most comfortable with. Notably, you may seek assistance at any time from essaypoint.

What are the elements of a narrative essay

A good narrative essay should have the following as discussed below

  • Plot – simply the sequence of events. How it started, which event led to the other.
  • Characters – the people the essay is about or who took part in the story.
  • Point of view- is the writers’ expression, thoughts and emotions of the narration.
  • Setting- refers to the location and time that the story being narrated took place.
  • Theme- refers to the main idea being communicated in the narrative essay which at times is the topic of study. For instance, a bad leader, the theme is bad leadership.
  • Conflict- is often the personality clash, subject of disagreement or an unforeseen situation that enhances the theme.
  • Style- simply refers to the technique the student chooses to use in their narrative essay which could be an aspect of speech, tone variation or stylistic device depending the students’ choice.

Final Thought

Dear Reader,

It is our hope that this article has added to your knowledge on narrative essays. We appreciate your time on our article and would really want to have you read more of our articles which are all on essaypoint. In addition, we are ready to offer our professional, affordable and timely services to you at any time. Below are links to help you navigate our sites with much ease. At essaypoint your prosperity is our joy.  


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