Types of essays

Posted: March 26th, 2022

A review of 8 key types of essays

Types of Essay

An Essay is an informative, non-fictional academic technique of writing used to communicate a specific phenomenon. Throughout your life as a student, you will be required to write a number of essays. Therefore, our team of experts, with more than a decade of experience, at essay point found it effective to educate you through different types of essays to achieve high scores in your assignments. Also, students may reach out to us for further inquiry and project assistance at essaypoint.net anytime for instant response, expert customized quality work at very affordable rates.

This article discusses four major types of essay. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you are able to choose an appropriate type of essay for your research with much ease. Further, essays are classified into descriptive, expository, argumentative and narrative. However, this article discusses additional types of essays so kindly read through to be well informed. Finally, there is a list of sample essay topics for each type, check through to gain insight on viable essay topics.

Descriptive Essays

Descriptive essays employ as much creativity as possible in describing a given aspect of focus. They involve not only stylistic devices like similes and metaphor but also sensory organs like smell and feel as well as imaginations to give a clear and detailed description. The main aim is to get the reader to visualize the concept in order to convey the message effectively. Getting the readers emotions, enables them to connect with the topic of study which is the ultimate goal of descriptive essays.

Let’s talk about that well decorated birthday party you had. Remember the mouthwatering Cinderella cake that left you wanting to have more? What about those joyful attractive decorations? Your friends had the time of their life and you could not help seeing the photos from the event the next day on everyone’s timeline.

The above paragraph probably got you smiling, wishing to read more, having flashbacks, you more likely related to a situation. Thus, this is exactly the aim of descriptive essays, to have the readers’ mind and feelings in the topic of discussion. Notably, students should move with the reader to the world of imagination in their descriptive essays.

The structure is similar to that of an expository essay below with the difference being the content. Descriptive essays have an introduction, followed by a body and ends with a conclusion. Unlike expository essays which look into more information that may not be well understood, descriptive essays give more elucidation of a subject matter.  

Expository Essays

Expository essays explore more on the topic of study and give complex information in simple words. The aim is to gather more information than is known. Moreover, expository essays are common in exam paper and require deeper research to come up with facts. In addition, less opinion and more facts are given. Besides, expository essays are investigative in nature and further involve critical evaluation and analysis to draw conclusion.

How to Structure expository essays

With attention to the meaning of expository essays above, the following is a structure of a high scoring essay for your project. Thus, a complete essay will have an introduction, body and conclusion.

 In the introduction, which is the first section readers come across, it is necessary to give a general objective of the topic of study followed by 2 or 3 more specific objectives. Also, you may give a brief reason you are writing the essay to give the reader a justification, followed by the extent of the study what sources are covered in drafting the essay. Finally, end your introduction with a thesis statement which will give a reader the topic of study in a statement. 

The body paragraphs may be 3-5 on average. First, prove the thesis statement in a paragraph. Second, from the first paragraph, give evidence in either as statistics, interview report as well as texts to support the thesis statement from verifiable sources. Third, give clear explanations of the significance of the evidence in the second paragraph. Also state any implications. Lastly, in a maximum of two sentences, summarize the body paragraph by just restating the main idea in the three paragraphs. 

In conclusion, give the relation of your finding to the expectations and objectives. Include a summary of knowledge learnt from your essay and questions that came up.

Argumentative Essays  

An argumentative essay is common in situations where the topic of discussion is debatable. In particular, they are persuasive in nature and aim at getting the reader to agree with the researcher’s point of view through evidence and facts. Even thou the researcher supports a given side of the argument, the essay has to show facts regarding both sides then discuss based on the finding their reasons for their stand.

Think of a topic like “Is Google contributing to students being lazy?”

Such a topic attracts both yes or no answers almost in equal measures. Thus, a student is tasked with the need to give tangible evidence in support of both opinions and later justify the stand they take to persuade the reader to agree with them.

In argumentative essays, the structure differs in the body. The student first has paragraphs on evidence in support of one dimension for example in our case how Google is leading to students being lazy. Then, after adequately covering the proposing evidence, the following paragraphs discuss the opposing view. How Google is not contributing to students being lazy in equal measure. Finally, the last paragraph of the body gives the students’ stand on proposing the topic of study and demonstrates the confidence in their opinion having more weight from gathered evidence.     

Narrative Essays

In Narrative essays, the researcher gives a story that is informative and educative in communicating a given message. Students may use pronoun “I” when the narration is about them. Also, like descriptive essays, creativity is important as telling a story could be monotonous. It is important for the student to bring up suspense to make the reader want to go through your essay to entirety in order to know how it ended. Often, students taking media, communication and journalism courses will have to write numerous narrative essays. Notably, narrative essays are non-fictional.

Think about that favorite novel you cannot forget. The one that had 1000+ pages and you could not wait to finish your classes to read it. Better still that favorite movie that got you glued on your screen for hours.  Likewise, the aim of narrative essays is to build interest and curiosity in readers to want to know further and actually complete your essay.

At this point, I hope you are able to differentiate different types of essays and you can comfortably decide on a type of essay depending on your discipline and topic of study.

Tips in writing your essay

  • Due to the conciseness nature of essays, students should structure their points to avoid just discussing minor points and leaving out major ideas.
  • Since essay are shorter than other works in academics, have a narrow specific topic to give you a better to discuss the main point adequately and reduce the general aspect in your essay.
  • Ensure your essay adheres to the structure as shown under expository essays above.
  • In addition to the above, clearly draw specific conclusions from evidence in the body. Do not leave your essay hanging owing to the fact you already explained in the body. Likewise, do not use ideas not discussed in the body while drawing your conclusion.
  • Support your personal ideas with evidence or quotes from previous scholars.
  • Use a tone that shows interest in your work. Notably, the aim of essays is to get the readers to be interested, read through, agree with or probably act on your essay. Therefore, portray confidence in your essay which will earn you extra scores in your academic work.
  • Avoid just stating ideas and instead give brief explanations to give clarity.
  • Avoid jargon and words with too many meanings that the reader has to keep referring to the dictionary to understand what you mean. Keep it as simple as possible: the aim is to communicate the message.
  • Proofread your essay to correct grammatical errors.

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Other types of essays   

In addition to the above types of essay, the following are other minor classifications.

Reasons for and Results of Essays

This Essays asks about the causes as well as effects of a given phenomenon. More often, they are exploratory however, they may be descriptive.

Reflective Essays

Like the name suggests, this type of essay reflect on a given subject matter. Hence, they use more of personal pronouns “I, me”. Thus, reflective essays are subjective.

Analytical Essays

Analytical Essays have a similarity with reflective essays in that they are both reflective however, in addition to being reflective, analytical essays are objective. Analytic essays can be said to be more of a report and is based on facts and evidence from tests and thorough research. Thus, analytic essays are informative.

Compare and Contrast Essays

It is not uncommon to come across compare and contrast essays in your academic life. Thus, in such essays you may look at similarities and differences. Further, the student should support their thesis statement from the evidence gathered.

Exemplification Essays

Exemplification essays prove a topic with examples. Thus, a student has a couple of examples which they explain to prove a thesis statement. 

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Examples of Essay topics for different types of essays 

Descriptive Essays Topics

  • My dream company
  • Our knew apartment
  • My first horse ride  experience
  • My friend’s best childhood memory
  • Worst emotional experience
  • A journey through addiction
  • Best party at teenage
  • The latest smartphone

Expository Essays Topics

  • Reasons for teen pregnancy
  • Consequences of excessive consumption alcohol
  • Explain the effects of wearing make up
  • Factors leading to teenagers joining gangs
  • Give changes that result from early pregnancies
  • Importance of pursuing education even when earning high income
  • Discuss effects of teen jobs
  • Explain effects of divorce by parents on children

Argumentative Essays Topics

  • Is Religion contributing to war?
  • Was life 100 years earlier better than today?
  • Should electronic money substitute paper money?
  • Does media invade celebrities’ private life?
  • Should poverty justify abortion?
  • Should a murderer be killed?
  • Is home schooling good?
  • Do exams measure intelligence?

Narrative Essays Topics

  • My first day in campus
  • An experience with zip lining
  • My rejection experience
  • The most life changing coincidence
  • My first meeting with a Head of State
  • A heroic Act
  • A day in quarantine
  • An encounter with armed robbers

Topics on Reasons for and Results of Essays

  • Effects and Causes of air pollution
  • Causes and effects of domestic violence
  • What leads women in middle age to get in destructive relationship and what are the future effects
  • Reasons and results of telling lies
  • Causes and Effects of racism

Reflective Essay Topics

  • My favorite vacation
  • How I met my best friend
  • An inspiring story
  • My most embarrassing moment
  • First air travel experience

Analytic Essay Topics

  • Analyze how children’s psychology is affected by single-parenting
  • Analysis of the extent of drug abuse in campus
  • Give a report on the health effect of organ donation
  • Analyze the effects of high education on loving standards
  • Give an analysis on abstract art development

Frequently asked questions with regard to types of essay

How to classify an essay topic

Notably, from the above explanations and examples, it is not very difficult to classify an essay. First, note the key requirements of the topic. Second, decide on the topic according to our above description on type of essay.

Can I combine two types of essay in one essay?

The answer is yes.

You will have a Hybrid Essay. Therefore, in answering such essays, analyze the question and establish the information needed in order of importance. Of importance, begin with the type that demands more meaningful information down to the least.

For Instance, a topic that needs the student to describe then compare and contrast, begin with describing. As a result, the information given in describing will be used in comparing and contrasting.

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Final Remarks

It is joy to educate you and make your academic journey easier. However, we would appreciate your feedback on our articles, kindly reach out for orders and leave a comment on essaypoint.net now. Finally, share with your mates to educate them. Also, check out other articles from our website and improve on your academic performance. Enjoy your essay writing!


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