Tips for writing a good essay

Posted: April 3rd, 2022

Tips for Writing A Good Essay

Writing a good essay.

Essay writing seeks to test students’ ability to apply critical thinking skills in addressing particular issues in the society. Additionally, essays help to improve the analytical skills of a student. Accordingly, students have the mandate to undertake a careful evaluation of existing literature on a certain topic. Following the review students can utilize their analytical skills to identify the weaknesses and strengths featured in existing literature. This information further serves as the basis of crafting individual argument on the issue of study. Evidently, students can only make a sound argument following an intense review of existing literature. Since essay writing is a common basis of assessment in higher learning; high school, college and university, there is need to review the basis upon which a student can write a good essay.

Basis of Determining the Quality of an Essay

To identity the basis for writing a good essay it is essential to identify what factors tutors look at to determine the score of an essay project. In determining the score of a project, instructor determine whether;

  • First and most importantly does the essay address the requirement presented in the instructions
  • Secondly, does the essay take a strong stance supported by evidence
  • Thirdly, are the sources of the supporting evidence given?
  • Lastly, does the essay present arguments in a coherent and clear manner? In summary does the essay assume the essay writing format; introduction, body and conclusion meeting all the requirement needed under each section.

Having the evaluation basis as our guidelines, we proceed to determine how students can ensure the attainment of all the aspect identified above. Accordingly, essaypoint experts seek to give insight to students on how to ensure the attainment of high scores in essay projects. However, students may lack the time or incur challenges in the course of essay writing. At such instances they might consider the need to seek essay writing help from our experts who are eager to help. To access this help place an order with us with an assurance of high scores in your essay project.

Analyse the Instructions of Your Project

This is the first and most important exercise to undertake to ensure the attainment of high scores in your essay project. The emphasis on this step develops along the fact that it is the first evaluation basis upon which instructors’ award scores in an essay project. Failure to meet set requirements oversee poor performance. Consequently, students should be keen to identify what is needed in any essay assignment to ensure that they generate essays that are directly address what has been asked. In analysing essay project instructions, students should determine three key elements;

  • Key concepts that featured in the instructions; what are the fundamental instructions outlined for the essay?
  • Limiting terms in the instructions; what limitation are there in the instruction? For example the niche of topic selection and the word count of the essay.
  • Lastly, review what is to be included in the write up exercise; for example, are your mandated to provide a discussion, argument or a compare and contrast essay.

By reviewing the instructions, students get to understand what is needed in an essay. Accordingly, can strictly comply with the instructions overseeing the development of a good essay.

Topic Selection

Secondly, students should proceed to select a topic upon which they will advance the study. However, the allowance to select a topic only exists whenever it is not given by the instructor. Consequently, student should not select an essay topic whenever they are mandated to analyze articles, literature and specific opinions.  In this regard, the instructor has already given the guideline on what to review in your essay. In cases where a topic of not given, students should select a topic that is interesting to them and they seek to gain more insight on it.

To determine a topic of interest and one which is within the study niche, students should brainstorm on the niche of study to identify viable topics. In the review, students should ensure that their topic of interest is not too hard to study and it has viable basis for formulating an argument. However, students should also refrain from selecting vague topics since they are so obvious and have been researched on extensively. As a result they tend to attract low scores. Scholars acknowledge that, interesting topics are easy to study and to write essays on. On the contrary, complex topics tend to be challenging and often oversee the development of poor quality essays. Thus, topic section is a key determinant of a good essay.

Research Development

Having identified the niche of study, student should undertake in-depth study on the topic. Subsequently, students should review a wide range of literature on the particular topic to identify existing arguments. In the course of study, student should jot down essential finding alongside their individual thoughts. This step is very important since it generates information upon which a scholar takes a stance. Thesis statement is a summary of the stance or points featured in an essay. Accordingly, the knowledge acquired from the study should serve as the basis of taking a point of view on the topic of study which will further get justified using evidence.

Essay Writing Structure

The identification of the argument basis initiates the essay writing process. Accordingly, students should proceed to formulate essays seeking to convince the audience on their argument using evidence and reasoning. The essay writing exercise should feature the three sections of an essay; introduction, body and conclusion.


The introduction is the first paragraph of an essay and serves to introduce the essay. Subsequently, the introduction provides background information on the niche of study while narrowing down to the topics of study. Additionally, the introduction should outline the main argument in an essay through the thesis statement. The thesis statement appears as the last sentence in the introduction paragraph. In summary, the introduction should contain;

  • Background information on the niche of study
  • An illustration of the context within which the study will develop.
  • Lastly, a thesis statement that outlines the argument in the study


The body section presents your argument. Subsequent, you should present and elaborate and your point in this section while supporting them with the evidence. Different points should appear in different paragraphs to avoid an overlap of ideas. Also, this helps in ensuring proper essay organization. Being the basis of supporting your argument, different paragraphs should assumes a particular structure to enhance clarity and ensure cohesiveness.

Accordingly, paragraphs should have a topic sentence as the first sentence whose main purpose is to introduce the aspect being featured in the paragraph. Following the topic sentence is a justification acquired from a supporting source. Consequently, the supporting argument should be accompanied by an in-text citation. Also, students should ensure to present the supporting evidence in their own words to avoid plagiarism. Supporting evidence is not limited to one sentence. Thus students should provide as much information as possible. Additionally, paragraphs can feature examples to further stress on the stance in the essay.


Lastly, a good essay should have conclusion as the last section. The conclusion presents a summary a summary of the arguments featured in the essay. Furthermore, the conclusion should outline the significance of the essay and its connection to the niche of study. In summary, the conclusion should include;

  • Summary of the essay
  • Significance of the essay
  • A connection of the essay to the niche of study

Students often make the mistake of introducing new information in the conclusion section. Consequently, students should not introduce new materials in the conclusion sections. To gain more insight on insight in how to write a competitive conclusion do read our article on how to writing a conclusion.

Proof Reading and Editing

Writing an essay alone does not guarantee that it is good enough to acquire the highest possible score. Proof reading and editing are essential practices to undertake in ensuring the submission of a good essay. This helps to ensure excellence in your easy by improving clarity in addition to the good presentation and supportive evidence. In the course of the proofreading exercise, students should review a number of element including;

  • The attainment of the essay instruction in the written essay
  • Secondly, check on the clarity of arguments in the essay
  • Thirdly, do the arguments support your thesis statement
  • Ensure the essay is free from grammatical and sentence structuring errors (to further improve on this you can use the Grammarly tool)
  • Lastly, review the flow of ideas and interconnectivity of various section within the essay.

By improving on these elements you not only enhance clarity but also improves the excellence of the essay. Accordingly,

Reference page

Finally, incorporate a reference page outlining the sources of the supporting evidence. This page should assumes a specific reference style either APA, MLA, Harvard or Chicago subject to the instructions. Additionally, the in-text citations should also align assume the style used in the reference page. This marks the end of a good essay.

Final Thought

Subject to the review in this article, writing a good essay is not a hard exercise. However, it calls for a significant amount of commitment more so on time and writing skills. This aspects might be a challenge to some students. On one hand, students may lack time due to commitments and huge workload. Similarly, some students may have the time but lack essay writing skills which are essential to ensure the delivery of a good essay. Student in these particular scenario may wonder whether one can pay for essay. Yes, you can seek help if you lack the competence or capacity to handle your project from essay experts. Essay experts possess essay writing skills that serve as the basis of submitting quality and plagiarism free essay. Reach out and get your project handled by experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a good essay entail?

Good essays possess three key elements; adherence to essay project instructions, development of valid argument that are supported by evidence and are grammatically collect which is essential in enhancing clarity.

What are the basis for writing a good essay?

To write a good essay students should develop focus on three elements;

  • Understand the instructions of the essay; what are the requirements.
  • Undertake on your area of study identify a good essay topic and a viable argument that will be supported by evidence.
  • Lastly, proofread your essay once complete to ensure attainment of essay instructions, collect grammatical and sentence structuring errors and ensure flow of ideas within the essay.

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